Stop calling ‘Chinky’!

‘Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.' They say change is the only constant in life. Everything around us reminds us of this very fact. Everywhere we look this aphorism is abundantly enunciated. Look at the day itself; how it swings from morning to noon to the placid night. Another example being our lives; from a new born to an adolescent to adults to old withered souls. It is all about change! So whether we consciously try to bring a change or not things around us will keep changing all the time. The only question would be if the change is for good or for bad? Our role would only be that of a moderator who affects or nudges the change towards a positive or a negative direction.

Now if I look around me there are so many things that I would like to affect a change on but my means are limited. I am but only a small fish in this big huge ocean of life. So what could I do that could contribute in some sort of good for the society and the world I live in.  

There are thousands of vices in this world of ours which annoy me and irritate me more so as some of these are embedded in the so called ‘educated classes’. I am sure all of us are aware of the term ‘Chinky’. Yes that’s right the word with which the so called decent citizens of our country refer to their brothers and sisters from the ‘North East’. Now perhaps the word in itself is not so derogatory but the way people from the north east are looked upon is which makes my blood boil in anger.

First of all please people just because anyone is from the north east don’t me they live in jungle and are descendants out of moogly’s tribe! It pains to see how little our countrymen know about the north eastern part of our country. I too belong to the north east and have been born and brought up there and it saddens me to see the prejudiced look on people’s faces when they meet or interact with a person from the east.

Just last week I was having lunch in the cafeteria of one of the largest companies of our nation which is supposed to employ some of the best minds out there but what I saw really made me think twice if education can actually refine a person. Some of the ‘non-northeast non chinky’ colleagues of mine were mocking some so called ‘Chinky north eastern’ colleagues just on the basis of their looks. And it didn’t stop there; every time a fellow from the north east would enter a room or a cafeteria the reaction was similar. How do you think that fellow must feel like? An alien in his own country! And all this is not because that fellow looks different ahh ahh... It is because of the narrow mindset of the rest of the people who know nothing about the northeast and can do no better than mock the people.

We all must have seen on several occasions on the television and by virtue of the print media the sort of discrimination that people from the north east have to face in the rest of the country. I would for once like to see this change! People from the North east are broad minded; they respect women and there are far lesser vices in their value system like there is no dowry or any other social bullshit that is so much more prevalent in the other corners of our country. If they want they could also mock you on the basis of your shallow belief system; but they don’t do that; do they? Perhaps the rest can take a cue from this and try to stop this menace. So yes this is what I would like to see as the change in our country; in our society! Respect your fellow human beings only then you would be worthy of respect!