#MyMoneyBook - The Joy Of Caring & Being Cared For

One of the best things about human relationships is how we care about each other, how we grow together. Maybe that's one of the reasons which makes life better. And why not? It's always a blessing to have people to take care of and be taken care of. Isn't it?

Lucky are those who have people to back them up, take care of them and predict what they might need even before they do themselves. That's perhaps the beauty of partnerships, rapports that go beyond the ordinary. And I'd like to believe we all have at least one such extraordinary bond in our lives.

It could be a mother caring for her child, knowing what she wants before anyone else does. A mother who knows when her child might be hungry, who knows that the child needs a hug or the reassurance that she's not alone. A mother who knows the child's likes and dislikes, when she might feel warm or cold, call her without even being told and just be the source of strength at times when she is down. This is a partnership that starts at the womb and lasts for a lifetime. It gives life, meaning and so much more. This is perhaps the first bond in anybody's life that wishes and works for success, a bond unlike any other. I don't think there are many partnerships truer than this.

And speaking of a mother's unflinching support, how can we forget the role a father plays in a child's life? Working, planning, protecting his child in every way he can. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the staunch ally that I have in my father. And I know many who feel the same way about theirs.

Come to think of it, there is always someone present to help us, give us that nudge, if need be, to achieve our goals. It could be our siblings, our teachers, friends, spouse, our children too. It could be just one or all of them.

But do you know what is the best part of all? That it is a two-way street, you are cared for and you care too. You work on the relationship together, work for growth together. You think and plan for each other, even for times you might not be there. Sounds familiar? I'm sure it does.

You know what your mother wants just like she knows what you want. Similarly, you know how to support your father just like he knows what's best for you. Be it any relationship, it's always about walking handing in hand, taking steps towards and for each other. It is about you and your partner, it is about actually being there for each other, sometimes without even being there.

It could be the little things like placing food in labelled containers so that it's easy for the children when you are not home. It could be putting the office bag and essentials in a designated spot so that the husband finds it easily when you are not around. It could be coming home soon to lend a helping hand to the wife with the infant. It could be buying the books for your siblings or standing by your friend even if miles apart. The bottom line perhaps is planning for your near and dear ones for the time when you won't be around to take care of them.

So yes, one of the many things we do when in a meaningful partnership is planning for the uncertain future. It could be in the form of saving up enough, providing financial security to cataloging everything that they might need in the event that we are not around. Every minute step taken with them in mind makes a relationship what it is.

This reminds me, everytime my Dad comes visiting he brings along updated details of his finances so that I'm across everything. I hate this activity because I don't want to think of 'that time'. I don't want that time in my life. Ever. No one does. But he still does this without fail. Why? For his family, for us, of course. It is a habit that he cultivated quite early in life and something he encourages us to do as well. And this is what I'm reminded of when I see Exide Life Insurance's My Money Book, a tool that honours and respects partnerships with the sole goal of protecting their future and of course out of love.

Tell me, what according to you makes a true partnership? And what do you do to protect and nurture those you care about?

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