SOFY Bodyfit Overnight - Review

Periods. Menstruation. Monthly Cycles.

These are words which are either spoken in hushed tones or not spoken aloud at all. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Yes, because something as natural as periods is treated as a taboo, something to be ashamed off. Why?

Well, let me know if you ever find a rational answer to this because I certainly haven't found one.

But do you know what gets my goat?

Any talk of periods in the media has to be brushed with something white or something pretty. I really don't understand this innate need to show women as the epitome of grace at all times, even when we are sleeping. Really. During periods with good night pads at our disposal, we like to sleep as normally as anyone else or on any other day. Somebody should tell these ad film-makers that Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale, far off from reality!

Talking of pads, night pads, did you know about a not so old entrant in the market called SOFY Bodyfit Overnight?

I found out about it recently and had the chance to use it myself. So, now, let me tell you a few things about it.

Did you know that it is actually the longest napkin in India with a wider hip guard?

And it looks like this claim is true. It provides extra coverage at the back, which is perfect because in my experience flows are generally more at night. The wider the coverage the better. So, with this, I could not only sleep peacefully but even move around to take care of my infant daughter without any discomfort.

This product does fulfill what it promises. It stays in place and prevents leakage. It also absorbs the flow quite well and prevents it from flowing to the edges. It doesn't cause any discomfort to the skin which is extremely important in my opinion. And it is not bulky. It is light which again is a very good quality in a pad. Any woman will tell you how important these points are for an overnight pad. SOFY Overnights, thus, seems to have a lot working for it.

Honestly, I don't like experimenting much when it comes to pads. It's a matter of hygiene and health after all. But I was pleasantly surprised by SOFY. It is a pad which offers comfort without compromising on quality. That in my books is a winner.

You can buy your own pack from here.

Periods are painful and discomforting but a reality in every woman's life. The best way to deal with it is to be first equipped with a good sanitary pad for health and hygiene purposes. Comfort food or rest, if possible, come next. A good night sleep is essential too because we tend to feel weak during this time of the month. A good night pad is, therefore, imperative.

So, girls, to take care of all these factors, why don't you try the SOFY Overnights and sleep peacefully while #sleepingugly? See if it fits your needs.

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