#Poem - O Sweet Child Of Mine

Walking with you
Close by my chest
I look around
And feel this warmth
Like never before.
Your smile, your touch
Comforting bliss
Like I have never known.
With you,
O sweet child of mine,
This world beyond
The window,
Though inviting,
Feels perilous too.

The chirping birds,
The flowers,
Colorful, fragrant.
The smiles,
The songs,
This life,
Full of dreams
O sweet child of mine,
Everything I see now
Is more beautiful
With you tucked
By my chest.

But I fear too,
The other side.
The heartbreaks,
The heartaches,
Life's painful strives.
O Sweet child of mine,
Wearing those
Tiny shoes,
How do I say
I see gloom too
Outside this window
And beyond?

Even on a beautiful day
With everything bright
With flowers in
Full bloom,
The sun generous
With warm sunlight,
Everything seems fine,
But I see,
danger lurking too.
O sweet child of mine,
How do I ever
Stop worrying
For you?
How do I ever
Let go?

© www.nabanitadhar.in


I'm writing this for BAR-A-THON.
Today's prompt: Tiny Shoes

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Today's prompt: What can you see outside your window? Describe the weather, the sights, the sounds in the best possible way