#InspiringWomen - Michelle Obama


I don't know much about the United States of America. Well, I do but that doesn't really amount to much. Most of what I do know about the US is from those geography lessons back in school, the news and mostly from the movies or sitcoms I grew up watching. So, believe me, when I tell you this, I can't distinguish a Democrat from a Republican even if my life depends on it.

But the entire world today is talking about the upcoming US Presidential polls. And being a part of this world, I can't quite ignore this impending colossal event, can I?

But still, living thousands and thousands of miles away from the American shores, I have not really been following the build up to the US Presidential Elections as much. Well, let's just say, India is keeping me occupied abundantly throughout the day for now. I barely have time to listen to news about India much less any other part of the world. But this week there was something which I just couldn't ignore. Or, should I say, there was someone who drew and held on to my attention for 14:45 whole minutes. And that is a lot with a very naughty eight-month-old by my side. So, who was that someone?

Michelle Obama

To say that I admire her would be an understatement really. I'm hooked every time I hear her speak. There's just something about her. And that day listening to her DNC 2016 speech, I was awed again.

This wasn't the first time I was listening to her, though. I also know that she might not even have written the speech by herself. Or, she might have, I don't know. But still, there is something about the current FLOTUS that makes me wish that someday in the future she becomes the POTUS. After all, we do need more women heading governments, leading from the front.

When strong women like Michelle Obama speak, people listen.

There is always so much depth and sophistication in the way she speaks and topics she speaks on that it makes me want to do well as a woman. I don't know if it makes sense to you. But every time I listen to her, I am filled with an eagerness to work harder and work better. And not only for myself but for every girl, every woman out there and now that I have a daughter, for her too.

I love how passionately she talks about education and how important it is for women. She talks about is so earnestly that it's contagious. We need women like her to inspire us, talk to us, about us, make the world stand up and take notice of women's issues. Make no mistake, when strong women like her speak, people listen. And we need that.

Her words connect with me as a woman. When she talks about women climbing the ladder, creating more opportunities for other women and about proving how Math and Science are not just for men, I find myself nodding.

I don't know what will happen in the US November Presidential Polls. I don't know how it will affect India. But I do know one thing. I'll miss Michelle Obama as the First Lady of the United States. I hope she stays in public life and keeps inspiring girls, kids, women and men all around the world as she has been doing for the past so many odd years.

It's fair to say, she is a voice which speaks for women, education and other important issues and makes sense while doing so. So, I source inspiration from women like her in my everyday life as an ordinary woman.

So, tell me, do you admire her too? Tell me, who are the two women who inspire you?

There was something in her DNC 2016 speech which really stuck a chord with me. And I leave you with that today.

When they go low, we go high.