I Have Been Caught Red-Handed. Have You?

Have you ever been caught red-handed? Maybe doing something that you probably shouldn't have been doing in the first place? Or, doing something that you would rather have no one finding out about? Have you?

Well, I have. 

Yes, I have been caught red-handed. And let me tell you by whom and how?

It happened back in the late 90s when I, a school going girl at that time, fell in love with a character, Captain Steve, from a science fiction television program. The program was called Land of the Giants, a series from the 60s being re-run on television at that point in time. I found it so interesting that it became my favourite. Set in the then-future year of 1983, the series was about the crew of a spaceship stranded on a mysterious planet where everything was enormous, a planet they thus ended up calling the land of the giants.

Now I have always had a very active imagination. Yes, from being a four year old making up the tale about a tiger and captivating my audience of fellow four year olds to now, I can travel miles riding on the wings of my imagination. Sitting on my couch or at my desk, I have travelled across realms, countries and lived varied lives. 
It is my escape, only mine. 

But one day, I was caught playing out my imagination by my sister. Let's just say, I was pretending to be Captain Steve's love interest, out on a date with him, laughing, flirting, dancing, when she came in uninvited to my room. Well, her room too, but still. The innocent whims of a tween, I tell you.

That was one time I was caught play acting by my sister who used it, rather still uses it, to embarrass me whenever she has the chance. That little devil, I tell you! There was a time, I used to get riled up about this, get annoyed but not anymore. I actually find it quite funny. Just last week we had a good laugh on this when she told my husband about this entire episode. What was I thinking?

Well, I guess only a tween knows what a tween does.

So, now that you know about one of my embarrassing moments, tell me yours? Go on!

Tell me about that time you were caught red-handed. Well, since you were caught, you might as well share it right?


I'm writing this for BAR-A-THON.

Today's prompt: Caught red-handed