I Dream Of Jeannie

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Yes, I do. 

I often wish I could be a Jeannie or even the witch from Bewitched and do things at the twitch of my nose or just by batting my eyelids. How wonderful it would be, right?

As a little girl, I often dreamt of being crowned Miss World or Miss Universe. Yes, well, I was just a little girl then and the 90s did see a flurry of Indian women winning those crowns. So, you can connect the dots, can't you? Like most girls of my generation who grew up watching the Laras and the Dianas win, I wasn't immune to the bug either. Of course, as you know this wish just lived and died within me, a figment of my imagination was all it could be. But nobody said wishful thinking was wrong. 

I wanted to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer too, kicking and killing Vampires. And Jesse Brannon from the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. I wanted to be a girl who kicks butts. Someone who is ruthless, beating up bad guys and fighting for justice. Someone like Lisabeth Slander perhaps. Of course, we all know what I really grew up to be. A Software Engineer who also blogs. How original no?

But did that stop me from wishing I was someone else altogether or just a better version of myself? No, Sir.

I still dream. Sometimes of winning the Grammy or even an Oscar. At times, I see myself being a rock star entertaining a huge crowd at the Staples Center. Of course in real life, I can't even sing to save my life. I even wish to be a secret agent, a spy. How wonderful that would be. Maybe living under an assumed identity, doing things that mattered instead of being someone lost in the mundane workings of life. Alright, scratch that last part for I do enjoy the mundane workings of life.

Sometimes I even see myself speaking at the UN Convention on Women. I practice giving speeches in the shower, the subjects varied. Yes, well, it's not mandatory for wishes to be realistic, so I just let my mind wander.

There are so many things I want to be, so many things I want to do that perhaps these dreams, these figments of my imagination are just ways to experience everything albeit virtually.

There are some sensible wishes too if you could call them so. I dream of a villa with a front and back yard. A swing in the balcony where I would curl up with a book. Perhaps, one room as my study where I could write without a bother. A beautiful flower garden, a vegetable patch maybe and a terrace where we could sometimes host a barbecue. But with the real estate prices these days, this seems too good to be true. Still, that doesn't really stop me. No taxes on dreaming or wishing for things, is there?

Well, that was all about me and my wishful thinking. Tell me about you now.


I'm writing this for BAR-A-THON.
Today's prompt: Wishful Thinking