#ViewFromMyWindow - Nuances Of Love

You look into your boarding pass and see that the gate is at least 10 minutes away from where you are.

Carrying your infant, you and your husband start walking towards that.

The airport is huge. Lots of people around. As you make your way, you hear bits and pieces of conversations, tidbits of the lives of fellow travelers. So many stories under one roof. So many relationships under one roof.

Grand gestures never a great relationship make.

You follow the signs and there at the distance you notice the travelator. Carrying you baby as you step into the first, there it is. A hand steadying you, providing support from behind. It's almost like the hand felt your slight apprehension as you first saw the travelator. Yes, almost as if it knew you weren't totally confident about stepping on it with a baby in your arms.

Relationships thrive in those gestures born subconsciously.

That hand, as you know from the touch, belongs to your husband. Your partner. You didn't tell him of your sudden fear. But he, himself carrying the baby bag and your carry-on luggage, somehow knew that you needed a reassuring hand. Actually, he didn't even know that he knew. Makes sense?

It strangely does.

It was just a reflex action for him. As if your bodies, your minds knew you needed each other's support and the other came to help.

That's what a relationship, a good one at that, does. That's what it looks like.

Every relationship has tells, those involuntary gestures or reflexes, which speak volumes about it. Running your hand through her hair in passing, hugging him out of the blue in between chores or just your hands involuntarily finding each other as you cross a busy road. These speak the truth of any relationship more than gifts or verbal declarations ever could. These make a relationship beautiful and special. Everlasting too.

Today, I celebrate ten years of one such beautiful relationship. Today, I celebrate a decade of a relationship on which I, along with my husband, have worked with love and sincerity. From dating to being married, it has been a wonderful journey. 10 years and counting. Today, I celebrate a decade of a decision that has given me so much and more.

So, let's talk about love today. Have you seen a beautiful relationship? Tell me the story, I'd love to hear. Let's spread some love this Monday.

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