#Travel - Goa Calling

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It has been over a year since I was on holiday last. And let me save you the trouble here by telling you that a seven-month long maternity leave doesn't qualify as one. No, sir, it doesn't. So, yes my last vacation was way back in July last year as a 20-week-pregnant woman. After that, let's just say, I have been extremely busy. Thus, it goes without saying that it is about time I start planning the next.

Do you know what my ideal vacation looks like?

Traveling to a beach destination, checking in into a picturesque resort and doing absolutely nothing at all. Well, apart from reading and eating lots of good food, of course. Relaxation is the underlying reason behind my trips and that really doesn't include running around ticking touristy spots off my list. Of course, I don't say that is bad, quite the contrary really. I have done it myself and will do it again. That's how you really see a place in the real world. But every once in a while, all I want to do is sit by the pool, read a good book while sipping on a tropical drink. Sounds about perfect, doesn't it? It does to me.

My ideal yatra is about going somewhere not too far, doing things not too fast and coming back not too soon.

Where would I like to go to?

Goa, of course. Where else?

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I must be honest here and say that it was only last year that I had finally managed to set foot in this particular beach paradise of India. But I have been there twice ever since. I just love the feel of that place. And I love the beaches, especially the ones in South Goa, away from the maddening crowd. The coconut trees, the beautiful houses, the narrow roads and the whole feel of it, really.

Let you in on another secret?

I love Goa the best during monsoons. Yes, you read it right. Maybe it's got to do with it being an off season, I don't really know. But contrary to what travel websites might tell you, Goa is something else during monsoons. I loved it and I'm sure everyone would.

My Perfect Vacation - Traveling to a beach destination, checking in into a picturesque resort and doing absolutely nothing at all.

Get set and go.

The best thing about traveling to Goa from Bangalore is that it takes just about an hour to reach there by air. I usually prefer Indigo Airlines to any other Domestic Airlines and they will be my choice of carrier anytime I fly to Goa.

Once in Goa, the ride through the narrow roads with greenery on both sides in a chauffeur driven car from the resort, preferably the Taj Exotica, is what I look forward to. And once at the resort, it's just the sand, sea and my family that I need.

I think a trip designed for relaxation, when it comes to me, is about three things. Hassle free and quick travel, an awesome place to stay during the holiday and no itinerary. Makes sense? Well, to me, it does. Or, you can say an itinerary which writes by itself, is impromptu and spontaneous. Maybe a stroll along the beach, a pottery class, a magic show and some live salsa classes, doing things that I don't normally do and doing it at my own pace.

Last year the second trip to Goa was something similar. The leisurely pace of it was so good for my soul. I can't help but crave for it today when time seems on a leash. My ideal vacation. Really.

Time to fly to Goa, I think.

What's your ideal vacation? Where would you like to go right at this moment, if everything was sorted for you?