I'm Still Weird Because

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Every year starting 2014, I have done a post about how weird I am. Don't roll your eyes just yet, you'll get your chance later. I promise. Last year it was called I’m Weird Because and it listed my quirks for you to devour. Frankly, I enjoyed every moment of writing that. The year before that, I had done the very first of the series, 'I'm Blank Because', which again was a lot of fun. These posts inspired by Little Miss Momma's Post - I'm Blank Because were, and still, are my way of letting my hair down. Well, I did say, I'm weird, didn't I?

Here I am again today, to repeat this exercise, to laugh a little and basically take it a little easy.

So, are you ready?

Let's find out how my weirdness has evolved since the last time I prepared this list. Shall we?

I’m still weird because……

Well, I guess that much weirdness is enough for the day. Don't you think?

It still is very cathartic, writing about your weird habits. Trust me.

Tell me are you a little weird too, in your own way of course? If yes, I'd love to hear and know that I'm not alone! And if you had told me last year, then tell me, have you picked up any new quirks along the way in the past year?

Go on!