Parents, Gifts & Wedding Anniversaries


Let me tell you a story about two little girls who decided to gift something to their parents on their anniversary one year. They were both just tiny tots, girls in pigtails; one in the 2nd standard while the other had just started going to school. And that year, they were really excited about buying their parents a gift.

On the day of the anniversary, therefore, they bought the present from their neighborhood store and went home, happy and satisfied with their purchase. At night, just before dinner, they gave it to their parents, eager to see their reaction.

But what was the gift?

A set of color pencils.

Yes, well, they were kids after all. And for them, nothing seemed a better gift than a set of color pencils. It was something they would have bought for themselves, given a choice. So once they saved enough money, they actually went ahead and bought that. Yes, even if as a gift for their parents' anniversary.

Their parents happy at this gesture and really amused at the gift, hugged the little ones. And looking at those tiny expectant eyes, asked the girls to use the colors pencils instead, for that would make them even happier.

Their little hearts jumped with joy and after dinner, they went straight to their room to start drawing with those news pencils. The small family of four thus colored with love by those pencils.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, let me tell you that those girls were none other than my little sister and myself. Yes, well, we were silly that way. Still are.

But yes, now we do give better presents to our parents, things they can actually use or enjoy. We no longer buy things we want in the guise of gifts.

But what is the best wedding anniversary gift for parents? Do you get confused too while deciding what to get them?

I actually find it very tough. Books, clothes, jewelry, flowers, cakes or chocolates? I can't ever decide easily.

My mother loves chocolates, so that's something we always make sure we send. Sometimes it's chocolate cake and flowers. At other times, when we happen to be in the same city, dinner at a good restaurant always trumps everything else. What can be a better gift than a day away from the kitchen for moms, right? Moreover, my mom loves eating out and my dad is pleased just seeing her happy. A win-win situation always.

When it comes to jewelry or something more expensive, we have to tread carefully because parents tend to hyperventilate at the thought of their children spending a lot of money on them. But still, even with the certainty of scolding and rebukes, sometimes it's good to indulge them no matter how much they resist.

The problem with me is there's nothing that I can give or show my parents which they don't have or haven't seen themselves already. Yes, this makes it really tough.

But again, with parents, even the smallest gesture works wonders, doesn't it? So, in a way that makes it easier too. Even a wish is a big gift for them. And the satisfaction of seeing them happy, unparalleled. Yes, there's just something special about seeing that smile reach their eyes.

Parents are always the givers in the equation, whether it's love or anything else we need. So, once in a while, it's good to be able to give them something. The best part being, nothing we give them is ever inconsequential in their eyes.

Sometimes when we send flowers, my parents are even reluctant to throw them out once they wither. I guess it's all about sentiments at the end of the day, all about sentiments. All that matters is that we give them something and acknowledge their special day.

So, tell me, what are you getting your parents on their anniversary this year? Or, what is that one anniversary that stands out for you?


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