A Little Extra Can Never Hurt #IncomeKaTopUp


Most joys in life are free, while for some, you just need some extra money. 

Deny the latter part if you wish but you and I both know how true that is.

The love of your family, your most important possession, comes without any price tag attached. It's as true as the sunlight, unbidden and free. It's a return guaranteed even without investment.

But sometimes the smile on your face comes at a price. Yes, from the temporal joys in life. A short holiday, new furniture, or attending a concert, heart's desires which take different shapes and forms. And they should.

But with the cost of living going higher every year, these wishes just keep getting pushed to the back burner. The important and unavoidable necessities of life take precedence over them, as they should.

The rent, grocery, school fees, EMIs, savings, doctor's fees, these are the things with unchallenged rights on your salary. First these and the rest later. 

But you must also admit that it leaves very little wriggle room for your heart's desires. They get shoved to the maybe-later list of things, more often than not. Only the brave, the risk takers, don't remain shackled by the set ways of things.

Savings for a rainy day over that slightly costly guilty pleasure here and now. That's how life works for most of us. And that's also where a little top up on the monthly income can go a long way in fulfilling wishes without that additional crease on the forehead.

What would you do if you have that leeway, a slight income top up?

Around two years back, I was in Germany with my husband. He was on an assignment there and I on loss-of-pay. While there, we made it a point to see as much of Europe as we could. And we did do that too, as much as possible. But there's one place which we had to miss. Italy.

Ever since I was a child, Italy has been one of those dream destinations for me. But two years back, in spite of being so close, we had to give up on a trip there.

Truth is, it was turning out to be too expensive and just didn't seem feasible with me being on loss-of-pay. Hence, we decided to not go then. There would always be a next time, a better time. Right?

So maybe with a top up, or several top ups, I'd be able to save enough for a trip to Italy. And if not that, for a short trip to one of the gems right here in India.

A quick getaway to a beautiful place, a good resort, and awesome food. These are some of the things that make me happy. And as you probably know, they don't always come cheap. In fact, more often than not the decision tends to be in favour of postponing trips for times with sufficient savings cushion. 

So, maybe a top up could reduce the procrastination when it comes to planning such trips. Maybe it could help take those leisurely strolls by picturesque beaches and who knows, even engage in some fun activities.

A wise investment in something like the Exide Life Income Advantage Plan, providing both regular guaranteed income and life cover, does just that. It helps in doing things you like without any overhead, like for the girls in this video.

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