March - The Month That Was

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There are days when I just sit marvelling at the beauty of lists. It was actually during my schooling years that I discovered the charm of making lists for the very first time. Everything mentioned one after the other, in order of importance or their need to be completed. The best aspect about the lists though was when I ticked off the completed tasks. Oh the joy. Indescribable!

I remember making so many such lists before exams, during exams and some even after exams. The control freak in me loved every bit of this process and years later, even today, lists continue to be an integral part of my life. But they aren't necessarily always about the things that need to be done. 

Sometimes they are also about the good things in my life. Sometimes they are about reassurance and positive reaffirmations, like a gratitude list.

Today, I make one such list. A feel good list to look back upon when I'm down and out. A feel good list looking back at the month gone by.

The month of March has always been about celebrations for me right from the very beginning. First it was all about birthdays, my sister's and mine. Then 2011 onwards, it also became the month when I took the wedding vows with S. This year too it was no different. Some quality time with family, sharing some love, good food and gifts ofcourse, was what my March was mostly about.

It was also my first birthday as a mother but it didn't really feel much different. Was it supposed to? I don't know. Maybe just one change, I no longer insisted on cutting a cake. Knowing me, that's a huge, huge change. Perhaps motherhood has something to do with it. Or, maybe I was just too lazy for it.

This March also brought along some wonderful evenings of watching Cricket and rooting for our team. There's something about sports which unites us across ideologies and petty differences. And I loved that about these past few days. The best part was watching the match with my family at home and with my online friends on Twitter. You should try it, it's like watching with the whole of India. Joy all the way round.

With March I also completed the 4th month of my maternity leave. 3 more months to go before I join back work. I'm actually looking forward to it. Ofcourse leaving M in the crèche is also not a comfortable thought. But there are somethings we just need to do. I'm actually looking forward to being a working mother, the challenge has me excited. Nervous too but excited nonetheless.

Anyways, before joining back work, I'm on my way to mom's. I'll be spending my entire April there. Lots and lots of Bengali cuisine ( read fishes) is what I'm really looking forward to. What can I say, I just love my food!

I'm truly grateful about having the luxury of staying on loss of pay and spending some quality time with my family, going on vacation. Trust me when I say this, not everyone is as lucky.

Well, that was my March. How was yours?

My Little List Of Gratitude

• Quality time with family.
• Birthdays, anniversaries which means we celebrated love.
• A job that lets me be on Loss Of Pay and do what I need to do before I join back.
• The luxury of taking Loss Of Pay and not having to worry about it. Touchwood.
• Supporting India and enjoying the matches.
• A new wonderful phone to keep my Social Media ON.
• Another Kindle. This one lets me read in the dark. So, awesome all the way to the end.
• Guest posting for Literary Monday Musings.
• Traveling home.
• Vacation time.
• First flight with M which actually went very smoothly.
• Watching the family plan celebrations for M. She's so lucky to have so much love showered on her.

Well, that was my feel good list. Time for you to share yours.

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