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Sometimes all I wish to do is sit in my chair, put one feet above the other, sip on my favourite drink and get every chore done at the twitch of my nose.

Yes, well, a girl can dream, can't she?

I was in school when I chanced upon the rerun of a show from the 1960s called Bewitched. It was about, well, a witch who had magical powers. And yes, you guessed it right, she could do just about anything she wanted just by twitching her nose. She, of course, tried never to use her powers once she married a mortal. But if I had been in her place, I would have never stopped. Why would I? Who gives up powers or as they say, superpowers? Surely not I!

While on most days I'm happy being the ordinary me, at times I do wish I had powers that make me, well, a superhero. I guess it's the same for everybody. There is a particular allure, mystery infact, to being one. And the want to be one? Well, even more. Isn't it?

No wonder, Marvel is making a ton of money playing on that very inclination of ours. Not that I have a problem with that. Anyway, I digress.

Growing up, a superhero meant magical powers. It meant someone invincible. Someone who stood up for what is right and always came out on the winning side. From Captain Planet to Centurians, X-Men to Spiderman, Swat Cats and more, these were characters whose lives I dreamt of leading. I don't know, maybe it was that age. Their adventurous lives, their heroic acts and basically everything enticed me.

I found my superheroes in books too. The Famous Five or Nancy Drew, that detective solving crimes or that woman planning the darkest of revenge, they weren't any less of a superhero to me. I think it was more about the things they did than powers, really.

While on most days I'm happy being the ordinary me, at times I do wish I had powers that make me, well, a superhero.

Today, many years later, the term superhero puzzles me. More so because it has safely been established that I have no superpowers. Well, if I had any, it was about time those came to my notice, don't you think? But alas!

Still that also doesn't mean that in some not-so-hidden corner of my heart, I don't harbour the wish to one day transform into a knife wielding, arse kicking, extraordinarily intelligent vigilante. A superwoman!

But what would I do then?

Off the top of my head, do something to prevent earthquakes! Well, if you must know, experiencing one after such a long time while on the 3rd floor of an apartment building has me slightly traumatised. So, that's a reason. But again I digress.

On a serious note though, perhaps be a better person? The 16-year-old me would agree. So, much negativity has seeped into me that sometimes I wonder if I can actually get back to being the past me. I really liked the past me, you know? And yes before you ask, I can't be much of a superwoman if I don't rectify the glitches in me. Can I?

Or, maybe a few flaws here and there might actually make me better? That could be my back story?

Anway, of all the superheroes, who would I like to be like?

I think it would be Iron Man, of-course. His wit, intelligence and sass, would certainly come in handy. And I'm sure I'd carry those well too. Well, at least I think I would. Though with the kind of temper I have, Hulk wouldn't be too far fetched an option as well. So, maybe I'd throw in that too. And fighting skills of Agent Romanov with the powers of Captain Planet. Maybe someone like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? That would be awesome, wouldn't it? A cocktail of a superhero is what I'd be, I think. And if none of these work then just be happy to move the world at the twitch of my nose!

But seriously, I think it's the heart which makes one a superhero. What super power did Malala have? None. But today she inspires billions.

Intent, honesty with self, compassion and hard work makes one a superhero.

Every day I see so many around me.

All of them and many more are heroes in their own right.

They are all living life right. I just want to be one among them. Do right, live right and be right. I just want to be the best possible version of myself. Be the best superhero, superwoman that I can be. And if that doesn't happen then an Iron Man cum Hulk would do! Or, maybe just Bewitched?


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