#MondayMusings Some Nerdy Childhood Memories

Did you watch the OSCARS?

The other day I was watching a clip of Leonardo Di Caprio from the OSCARS and it got me thinking. No, not about how relieved and happy he must be to finally and deservedly have won. After five or six nominations, was it? Anyways. And neither was it about how funny Chris Rock was. My mind actually took a completely different detour.

Seeing those folks nervous and excited on their big night took me back to my school days. Actually, more specifically to the days when the final results were announced after each term. The day of the year when all our hard work was rewarded in the presence of every student in the school and all the parents too.

Oh! I can feel every heartbeat and still take a whiff of that pleasant nervousness from those days with my eyes closed. The excitement, the butterflies in the stomach and the apprehension, all the trademarks for that sole winter day, year after year. Maybe, there is a reason why OSCARS led me to this part of my memory palace and left me there to relive, reignite and feel alive all over again.

Our term ran from February to November end every year and the final results were always announced a week before Christmas, on a beautiful sunny winter day. I cannot even begin to tell you how eagerly I waited for that result day at that point in time. Every single year. I don’t know what it was. Maybe because that day summed up the efforts of the entire year beautifully for me? And also because somewhere in my mind once that day was over, I could actually start enjoying my winter break, knowing that I deserve every bit of it. I probably sound like a nerd to you right now? Well, maybe I was one but I loved it.

True joys lie in the smallest and silliest of things

My sister and I studied in the same school. So, we along with our parents would wake up bright and early, get dressed and drive to the school every result day. There the parents would meet up with each other and the students would form circles discussing the results and their vacation plans. Oh! I loved every bit of it.

The anticipation would grow as the time drew close. And eventually, on the dot, at 9 am the bell would ring signaling the start of the event of the year. Well, for us students and maybe the parents too. The latter would then move to one side while us, the students, would line up class-wise on the playground. The Headmistress would then come to the podium, give a speech, her way of inspiring us and thanking us for another wonderful year.

Then it would start, the results, all class wise. The moment every student waited and worked hard for. The happy walk up to the podium or the joy of hearing the class teacher call out my name was something that I cannot quite explain.

The pure, adulterated joy of being a student which made it even more special!

Sometimes I wonder how something so simple could bring so much joy to me. But I guess it’s true what they say, true joys lie in the smallest and silliest of things. Mine certainly was in doing well and getting called up to the podium before anyone else in my class. You see, up to a certain point in life studying and being a nerd was everything to me. So, don’t judge me.

Once the ceremony was over, we would go wish our teachers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and happy holidays. It was a ritual, a beautiful one if you ask me. Our year ended that way, year after year.

That day signified a little more than just results. And I haven’t felt that excitement since. Maybe it was the pure, adulterated joy of being a student which made it even more special. But it was a feeling that I can never forget and what I wouldn’t give to feel the same way again.

Look back into your childhood and tell me, has anything excited and rewarded you like this? Any day, any event or anything at all?