When Romeo Almost Missed Juliet

“I told you. You don't love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song only your heart can understand.” ― L.J. Smith

Do you believe in destiny?

Well, let me tell you a story before you answer that.

The Story

It was a beautiful spring evening in a small town some 266 km from the Himalayas. I have no idea why I just added that bit of information here but bear with me. So, where was I? Yes, a beautiful spring evening.

A college fest was underway in one of the engineering colleges in town. Picture this, boys and girls enjoying a night under the stars with live music and food stalls for entertainment. And to top it all, there were games booths as well, lots and lots of them in fact. Perfect recipe for a wonderful time for a bunch of youngsters, away from the often dull combination of only books and professors.

Out of all the stalls there, two seemed to have hit the jackpot. One, of course, the rose stall. Because, well, let’s face it love is always in the air in colleges and it’s a good thing mind you.

The other one though was a games stall. It was about pairing up and then building something in a limited time with your partner. Pretty simple, right?

But what made it a hit?

It was how the pairs were made which did the trick. Genius idea for the otherwise boring game to be played in the booth.

So how was the pairing done really?

Well, on purchasing a ticket, a pass containing a specific name was handed over. Yes, a pass which contained a name.

Name? What name?

Hint. Famous lovers from all over the world, across literature, movies, and history!


If it was a boy then the names could be something like Romeo, or Jack and if a girl then Juliet or Rose. Yes, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Jack and Rose from, well, Titanic.

Yes, well, what did you expect? It was a college after all.

Now in the midst of all this young energy were a boy and a girl, oblivious to each others presence. Yes, both had purchased tickets tempting fate to see who they end up playing with. The boy obviously got Romeo and the girl, yes, Juliet.

So, did they end up playing together?

Well, let's just say the boy exchanged his to be Jack so that he could play the game with someone who was Rose, his crush at that point in time. And the girl just wanted to see who would ask her out. Someone did and he was as forgettable as the boy from the couple no one remembers a thing about. Who? Yes, exactly my point.


Many years later they actually did get together and while reminiscing about their time in college found out that they were indeed Romeo and Juliet. In fact, each others Romeo and Juliet.

They were the Romeo and Juliet of their own story but with a happy ending.

Where are they now?

They are still together, living their very own happily ever after. Still very much in love, with a few fights on odd days, creating beautiful memories as they go. And now they even have a princess to dote on.

Sometimes they wonder why they didn’t get together from the very beginning. I guess it’s all about timing. But they know one thing for sure that they were destined to be together. Yes, however, cliched it might sound.

It was all written in the stars!

Who are they?

Well, I think you know by now.