There's Something Golden About Mornings


Sometimes I wonder if there can be anything more reassuring than mornings. What do you say?

The start to a new day, the striking proclamation of a new beginning. What can signify a new start, a new chance better than mornings themselves? And the most wonderful thing is you need not wait too long for one either. It is always there waiting, like a faithful friend, at the end of every single day.

There are so many connotations to this start of a new day. It brings an end to darkness and illuminates the word with light. It is about the rising sun, the chirping of birds and the azure blues of the sky. Mornings are beautiful, rejuvenating and worth every bit romanticizing about. Everything looks brighter and full of hope come mornings. No wonder poets like Wordsworth have written verses inspired by the silent beauty of it.

There’s something about mornings which sets the tone for the day, with positive energies , almost always.

I remember the mornings in Shillong, graceful and beautiful, bathing the hill station town with the sun’s golden glow. The vivid colors, always so pristine at that hour of the day.

A beautiful morning is always there waiting, like a faithful friend, at the end of every single day.

There's so much about a morning which makes it delightful, full of hope.

The silent beauty in its early hours, perhaps. It certainly is for me. The world in slumber, just waking up to its freshness, the grasses laden in dew, green and inviting, the flowers opening up to the sun’s golden rays, have magic written all over. Gradually the entire surrounding bathing in a kind of nascent beauty, that's one of the things I love about mornings.

Mornings remind me of...

Though I might not be a fan of waking up early, I always stop, even if for a moment, to take it all in every time I do. With so much working the ‘morning way’, you don’t really need to do anything special to appreciate life, appreciate the start of a brand new day.

The first cup of tea with S to begin with, discussing our plans for the day, the week and even life are integral to my mornings. These days the feeding, cleaning and bathing rituals with M make my mornings special, hectic but special none the less.

I think being with family to start any new day makes my mornings worth it, golden so to speak. Well, what do you know, I guess I was always a closet morning person!

Tell me, what makes your mornings special?