7 Places I Would See Up Close With The Zenfone Zoom

Are you a traveler?

If so, tell me where would you like to go if I give you one of the top 10 camera phones in the world? Yes, just to capture through its lenses what you see and what you wish others to see.

Well, while you contemplate on that, let me tell you where I would go and also a little bit about the camera I would use.

Sounds good? Alright.

Now, I always tell people that I’m a reluctant traveler. You know, someone who doesn’t proactively wish to leave behind the comforts of home in search of a new adventure, a new place. But while that may be true, there is also a part of me which romanticizes about traveling all around the world, comfortably, though. I’m the quintessential comfort traveler for whom things like, climbing the Everest or trekking across the Amazon, are a big no.

I’m more inclined towards soaking in the beauty of a place; food, architecture and history at leisure. So, yes, there are places I wish to see before my eyes shut off for good, there are places I wish to make memories in. There are places I wish to capture in my camera’s canvas, to look back and fondly retrace my footsteps through them.

So, we have established that I too like my holidays albeit they are quiet and leisurely. Also, that I like to capture them in my camera’s reel to look back at a later point in time. Yes, to reminisce later.

But capture with what? The mind’s eye, for sure, but with something tangible too. Like a camera. What do you say?

While I strongly recommend staying away from gadgets while on a holiday, there are just some gadgets you can’t do without. A camera being the perfect example for that. But I’m not one for dragging heavy equipment along. No, that’s just not me and moreover, I’m not that great a photographer either. For me, the purpose of a camera is to capture moments forever, something that helps an amateur like me capture a landscape more beautifully than my ability really.

Now of the best camera phones available in the market, ASUS Zenfone Zoom is one that can help you discover the world up close, just how it should be. Why? I’ll tell you.

These are the features which make it one of the top 10 camera phones out there, something that I, even you, can use to capture unforgettable moments. ASUS India with these specifications has really placed the #ZenfoneZoom among the best camera phones available in the market, undoubtedly.

After clicking a few pictures using the #ZenfoneZoom, I know it’s not just a ruse because the photographs are actually quite good especially when clicked by an amateur like me. So, now that we have established which camera I would use, why don’t I tell you about the places I would love to capture through its lenses. Some places which I wish to revisit while others see for the first time in my life. So, here’s it is, the list.

Paris. Yes, I would love to walk through the streets of this city of love one more time, just relive every nook and corner of this mesmerizing city.

Goa. Our own little piece of beach-side paradise. I just love being there, especially in those beaches which have not yet been overrun by the maddening crowd.

Italy. It is a place I absolutely have to visit at least once in my lifetime. I just have to. I don’t have words or even a reason for that. I just know that I have to see it before my time here is up.

Amsterdam. You need to see that wonderful city to realize how fairy tale like it truly is. I can live there, it is so quaint and delightful.

Shillong. For me, it is the perfect place in this whole wide world. I grew up there after all. Now that I hardly get to be there, I would like to visit and capture every bend, every street and every paraphernalia of this pristine little hill station which resides in my heart.

Sydney. Your first international trip alone is always special, especially when you are a young girl just making your way in this world. Sydney was that for me and I would love to see it again.

London. All my favorite authors somehow happen to be from that part of the world. So, yes this city is on my list too.

So, there, I have told you about my list and the camera phone, Zenfone Zoom, I would use to capture those perfect little moments I experience there. It’s your turn to share now.


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All pictures clicked with the #ZenfoneZoom 

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