Do Away With Superstitions To Invest Well #JanoTohMano

It is common knowledge that as people we are a superstitious bunch. Whether it is the fear of a black feline crossing our path while striding purposefully to our destination or the discomfort of an unwanted sneeze just before stepping out of the threshold, these beliefs find their way into our minds in one way or the other.

But are superstitions any good?

Of-course not but somehow we all tend to believe in these in varying capacities. Perhaps, the fear of challenging fate is what gets us to do that. While it is less than harmful to retrace our steps to negate the effects of a black cat crossing our path, we can’t say the same about our reactions to others.

While all superstitions are harmful, some are more so as compared to the others.

Remember the forward messages we keep getting? Forward so and so message to 10 people to avoid bad luck or share a picture 100 times to make money. These are anything but hoaxes playing on our weaknesses.

We might think who believes in such things? I did too. But once we ponder seriously we realize that there are people who actually do so. And the scary thing is, they are not much unlike you and I, these people.

If I can wait 5 more minutes before leaving home at the behest of a untimely sneeze, in spite of knowing fully well that it’s just another superstition, imagine what more gullible folks might do? Especially when it comes to money matters or getting favorable returns.

Superstition in Investment is never good.

While it would be great if forwarding a certain message to a bunch of people could earn us some bucks, the world doesn’t work that way. Making money is just not that easy. If it would be so everyone with a mobile phone would wind up wealthy, without much effort too. Poverty would be a myth. But that’s just wistful thinking.

We need to make sensible and informed choices, you and I. No amount of forwarding messages can do that for us.

Investment isn’t something for which superstition can do the leg work. No, sir.

The thumb rule for investment is knowing where we are putting our money to predict the returns. No ritual or belief can do away with that very important step. It is imperative to have a sound investment strategy to grow our wealth. While there are several ways to do that, investing in equity mutual funds could be an option.

Our investment mantra should be ‘Do away with superstitions or unwarranted beliefs while investing. Know and Invest.' #JanoTohMano

Would we walk into a tunnel blindfolded at the promise of great returns at the very end? Or, would we find out about the tunnel before hand, keep our eyes and ears open before walking into it? I’m sure given a choice we would certainly pick the latter.

Yes, we need to know before believing, not just give into beliefs blindly when it comes to investments, always. It is about our financial security after all. So, do away with superstitions to invest well.