Be Future Ready, #DoYourHomework

A new life in your hands suddenly throws a whole new perspective on life. You realize how much her life depends on you, on your choices, and entirely too. That's when the need to plan for your child's future assumes top most priority.

It has been a little more than two months since I have become a parent, a mother and still there is this urgency in me to plan for my daughter's future. Perhaps, that's what happens to everyone. My parents felt, still feel, the same way about me and now I about her.

But why is it so important to plan for your child's future?

Every parent, and you too if you are one wants the best for their child. There are no two ways about it. And to do that, planning is a must.

Ten to fifteen years back, perhaps, we had followed our parents' footsteps, chosen conventional career options. The cost of education too wasn't so high then as it is today. And no one knows what the cost would be, say, twenty years down the line. For that, parents need to plan.

The children of today have so many career options. Hence, it is not wrong to say that the choices would only multiply in the future. However, that shouldn't stop parents from fulfilling their children's aspirationsSo, for that too, parents need to plan.

To let children follow their dreams you need to plan, you need to do your homework, we parents need to do our homework. 

A campaign, Do Your Homework, actually showed how parents are eager to ensure their children's career choices, conventional or not, are realized. To ensure that their children's options, and hence wings, are not clipped.

Parents need to plan for their children's future to

How do we as parents do it?

We need to know how much it could cost and how much it would cost to help our children realize their dreams. The planning needs to be around this very important fact. 

  • We can use something like an education calculator or the Homework App to find out education costs across courses and countries.
  • We can help children explore different career options by helping them know about various professions.
  • We can as investors educate ourselves on the options available.

The point is to be future ready. 

Let us be on the same page as our children and give them the career, the future and the life they so desire. Let us do our homework and do it well this time.

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