5 Things You Ought To Remember Before Planning A Trip

Who doesn’t love a change of scene?

Everyone does. A move away from the monotonous everyday routine, even if just for a few days, is one everyone wishes for. And the answer to that desire of escape lies in one word, travel.

Sometimes this desire is so strong that it’s very easy to get carried away with the notion in itself. And that, let me tell you, isn’t recommended at all.


Because when that happens you might forget some essential aspects. That eventually could land you in some very tough spots. Not something you would want happening on vacations, would you?

While the romanticism associated with travel is hard to avoid, it is also a must to allow some room for planning. Yes, as mundane as it might sound, you wouldn’t want to turn your escape into a nightmare. Even seasoned travelers would advise the same. While a surprise turn could be adventurous, you really wouldn’t want to be caught unawares in unfamiliar surroundings.

Now, I am, by my own admission, a reluctant traveler. But even then I like my vacations stress-free. Hence, I take planning extremely seriously and so should you. I dislike being unprepared for anything. I abhor untoward surprises in every aspect of life, even while traveling. While a last minute solution could work once, even twice but I wouldn't really advise leaving it to that.

You shouldn’t look for shortcuts when it comes to anything in life, even travel.

So, today I’m going to share with you 5 things that every vacationer needs to take care of to have that perfect few days away from pandemonium.

Travel Insurance

This might not seem very important but trust me it is. I know that the general trend is to omit this, thinking of it as an unwanted expenditure but it certainly isn’t. Cancelations, delays, medical expenses, baggage losses among a host of other unforeseen complications could be easily dealt with travel insurance.

Do don’t book tickets before your leaves are approved

It is always, always imperative to plan your holidays in advance, especially if you are working. These days with ticket cancelations having so many hidden charges, you wouldn’t want to have to do that, especially when it comes to air tickets. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying unnecessary charges to the airline industry from your hard earned money. So, book your tickets only when you have your leaves approved.

Avoid planning travels around festivals

This is something I can vouch for. I always end up taking vacation time during festivals, the result being having to shell out a huge sum on tickets. So, if you can avoid the festival season, do that. An added advantage to that would be less crowd at your destination, so a win-win in all aspects.

Prefer booking directing via hotel websites

While there are several travel sites which claim to give you great deals on bookings, I have from personal experience seen that it is always better to contact the hotel directly. I remember having done that while traveling around Europe and saving a lot in the bargain. You wouldn’t want to make bad investments, even if it is with respect to travel.

Check reviews before booking

I always say that the best thing about this internet crazy time is the enormous information at our disposal. So, make use of that to get your money’s worth. Take time out, sieve through all the available options and finally, settle in on one that best suits your needs in terms of fun and finance.

Well, those were some tips which I could offer you. Do not hesitate to add yours for one can never have too much of good advice. So, keep them coming.

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