#NewMomHacks: How To Rock Your Baby To Sleep

Have you ever tried to put a baby to sleep?

Well, if you haven't yet, then let me tell you, it by no means is an easy task. It might not sound or look like it but is indeed one of the trickiest jobs in the world. Yes. You might think being, say, an astronaut or a doctor is no mean feat, which of-course is true, but putting a baby to sleep is no less challenging either. Trust me, I know! It is actually equally arduous, if not more.

The first real experience I had with putting a baby to sleep was with my sister. My being a little girl at that point also never really deterred me from trying this. Of course, if memory serves me right, she loved sleeping a lot too (still does!) which made this task slightly easier.

I remember singing, well at least trying to sing, the lullaby rock a bye baby to her and it actually worked. Here I must admit that I had no clue what the lyrics were so I made some of it up myself. I think it went something like this in my head 'Rock a bye baby on a sweet bed when the wind blows, it'll blow your head'. I know, I know the last part is an awful thing to say to a baby but it rhymed, didn't it? And at that point, I didn't know any better. Plus it always worked in putting her to sleep! Yes, as horrible as the made up lyrics were, it did get the work done.

But with little M I'm at a loss. Now, I'm not much of a singer, not even a bathroom singer for that matter. The only two people I have ever sung for in my life are S and my sister. That too after a lot of emotional blackmail from their end, well, at most times. Also with the house full of family and relatives these days, I'm embarrassed to even hum a tune lest they hear me do that. So, when M cries I really don't know what to do, so much so that putting her to sleep seems like an impossible task to me!

But that can't work, can it? So, I came up with a plan when my sister suggested I sing the very same lullaby to M too. This time, of course, using the correct lyrics. 

What was the plan though?

To use YouTube. I found the correct version of rock a bye baby, played it and walla she fell asleep in a jiffy; after being fed of course. And as I type this she has been asleep for 2 hours straight!

So, I thought why not share with you lot a few tricks of putting a baby to sleep? It could help some mother like me somewhere. So here goes.

Things you can do to put your baby to sleep

Well, I'm sure some or none of these tricks will work at times, maybe even at most times. But on one very tiring day these will work to the tee; that's when you can thank me.

Mommies reading this do share some tricks to put a baby to sleep, would love to hear!



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