5 Things I Can't Do Without #BlogChatter

Out of the hundreds of things that you need to get past a day (okay tens, not hundreds), how do you pick only a handful?

Well, honestly, I don't know. Doesn't seem possible, does it? Even this seemingly innocent question poses a serious dilemma. Now, how do you choose among all that you are used to? How do you pick only a few? But be that as may be, an attempt certainly has to be made. Don't you agree?

Well, let's start with a day in my life, picking five indispensable articles, as we proceed from dawn to dusk. Sounds like a plan?

The very first thing that I do after waking up, you guessed it right, is check my phone. Well, I've to know if there have been any new comments on my posts, don't I? Or, if an interesting twitter conversation is passing me by. Good or bad, I absolutely need to do this to start a normal and sane day. Well, from my perspective, at least. Hence, maybe, just maybe, my phone is something I can't do without. Apart from the obvious, yes hidden but still obvious, fact that I'm addicted to it, my phone also helps me stay connected 24X7 with my family. So, yes phone it is at number one.

My toothbrush. No, scratch that. Actually, my toothpaste, a very specific one at that. I need that every single day or else I have the feeling that I've not brushed at all. And that, you should know, is anything but good. Any other toothpaste also doesn't work. When I go abroad too I make sure to carry extras or look for the exact same one there. What can I say? My teeth, crooked as they might be, have very specific requirements. So, toothpaste it is next.

With two things out of the way, what comes to my mind is something I take everywhere, well, almost everywhere. It needs to be next to me whether I use it or not. And no, I'm not talking about S! He is neither a thing nor do I use him, not that he knows of anyway. Kidding! So, what is it then? My Kindle, of course. I need it wherever I go, to allay my fears of spending days without reading. So, whether or not I actually get to switch it on everyday, I still keep it around. You won't believe but I have even carried it to the movie theater with me. Yes, to finish an un-put-down-able thriller before the start of the movie! So, you see how it fits?

Now, what next?

Since I've already told you how precious my phone is, you would expect I keep it charged all the time too. Well, you are not wrong, I actually do that. Hence, my charger is the next item on the list. I always carry one with me, every single time I leave the house. And I don't quite understand people who don't, who go around asking for charger from everyone. Do you? Dude, if you can carry your phone, carry the charger too!

Now for the last one on the list.

Well, it's quite tricky. Which one do I pick because obviously there are more than five things I can't do without?

Well, I think it has to be water and not because I'm really thirsty, yet unwilling to move, as I type this. Whether for drinking, washing, cooking or bathing, imagine how it would be without water! Living in an apartment in Bangalore, I've realized availability of water, like life, is unpredictable. And unless you value and respect it, you won't have much of it to enjoy with later. So, yes, most definitely water it is. In fact, make it number one in the list.

Done. That was my list! I did it, didn't I?

Tell me how did you find it? And also share yours, if you want to.

PS: The items on the list are subject to varying with time, my mood and even age! It is definitely not one inscribed on stone.


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