Our Diwali - A Little Bit Of North, A Little Bit of East

I admire how people come up with the right posts at the right time.

What do I mean?

Well, you see, a Women’s Day post on, you guessed it right, Women’s Day. Or, an Independence Day post on Independence Day.

Now I, on the other hand, end up missing most ‘days’ or just somehow manage to squeeze in a post at the last minute. Sometimes I also feel that with so many posts on the same topic, what difference does it make whether I publish something or not? But then that’s just me justifying my epic tardiness or trying to paint my lethargy in some fancy words.

Today, however, I have decided to actually pen something, to write what S and I usually do on Diwali.

Now, before I take you through our festival of lights, I should mention that I come from the east of India and S from the north. So, what we have in our home is a mix of both. We like to call it our own way of celebrating Diwali, a little bit from the North and a little bit from the East.

Diwali of my childhood

My memories of Diwali include so many wonderful things that just the mere mention of this festival brings a whiff of nostalgia with it. It used to be the last celebration just before our final exams and winter vacations, so we always made the most of it. Lights decorated our cottage overlooking the huge constellation of sparkling lights on our little piece of heaven, Shillong. Engulfed in winter’s amorous cloak, the entire family decorated the pathways and the balcony with candles and diyas. It was our little ritual. No Diwali was complete without papa, me and my sister lighting up every corner with lights. Somehow the strong winds too could never deter those diyas we lighted from burning. Candle in the wind those, seriously! Even now, I think I miss that the most, doing things together. Of-course, crackers later at night were next. Even at that age, I remember distributing crackers among the other kids of the locality. It was really wonderful. Late at night we would also visit the pandals for Kali Puja. Good food, great company and beautiful clothes was Diwali to me and my family. It would begin with dad lighting 14 diyas as a homage to our forefathers and continue with all the other small little customs we had as a family.

Deepawali of S’s childhood

Ideally, I would have loved if S would have chipped in with a paragraph or two of how he celebrated Diwali, or more appropriately Deepawali, as a kid. But he’s too lazy to do that. I cannot get him to write even an application unless my life depends on it. So, I’ll try with whatever little I know of his childhood and Diwali. He grew up with Lakshmi puja being performed as the main event on Deepawali days. Then of course there were delectable sweets prepared and consumed with unparalleled enthusiasm. Every corner of their home lighted up, fragrant with burning incense, the aura divine. Sweets distributed among friends, family and neighbors being another activity the kids of the house were engaged in. And last but not the least, crackers. S loves crackers, for him Deepawali has to have crackers. Why am I even surprised? The entire family together on these auspicious days marked this festival, their main festival, year after year, every year.

Our festivals, today.

Being miles from our homes on most auspicious occasions, S and I try our best to fit in everything from both ends of India together. Of-course, if I am to be completely honest, we also try to maneuver around our office, which hardly gives sufficient holidays on festivals, and also our inherent laziness to celebrate. The result being, we end up doing away with anything that is too time consuming and focus on the enjoyment part most.

Our Diwali

We hardly make sweets at home. They are mostly outsourced from shops. Don’t judge me. Someone has to buy those sweets these wonderful shops prepare, right? In fact, even food is outsourced from one restaurant or the other. This is just to save time people. If we spend hours in the kitchen then how on earth would we enjoy the festival? Makes sense? Well,give it time and it will!

We love putting up the lights, that’s where we aren’t lazy at all. Candles, electric lights, diyas and flowers, you name it and we are always prepared with those. We also love those incense sticks. Every corner of our home just smells divine and we absolutely love it. Sometimes we also visit our friends and spend time with them. There are crackers too with S hell bent on me trying out everything. We do Lakshmi Puja at home in our own way because I don’t know the elaborate rituals, honestly. But it’s all about the intention, right? Well, at least that’s what S and I believe. Of course, I wish I could visit Kali Puja pandals too but we are not aware of any right here in Bangalore. That is what we do on our Diwali, well mostly, apart from spending the mornings at office. But that’s a discussion for another time.

We just focus on having fun, together, not only on Diwali but every other festival as well. We customize it as per ourselves and it makes sense too. At the end of the day, it's all about faith and family together, isn't it?

Anyways, that is how we celebrate our Diwali. What about you?

Oh, before I forget Happy Diwali to you!