#NewMomTales : 15 Truths From A First Time Mom


Whenever we are in need of information on anything under the sun, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. True, isn't it?

Naturally thus there was a sudden deluge of advice on what to Google, all of it directed my way, when told I was pregnant. From websites to pages to browse through, I was counseled at length on searches to help me with a well informed pregnancy and later on, delivery. 

The need to google, in fact, is not only emphasized as a means to guiding someone else but a tried and tested means of making oneself aware as well. I remember observing a pregnant colleague of mine investing time going through every nook and cranny of the internet, searching anything and everything related to pregnancy, childbirth and babies.

So, you see how Googling and pregnancy generally go hand in hand?

But, did I do the same too?

Well, me being me, which is everything lazy, never really scouted the internet in much the same manner. I'm not saying that is a good thing though because being informed is always better than not being informed at all. I just thought that placing myself at the hands of my Gynecologist was what I was most comfortable with. Moreover, S took upon himself the Googling and Baby Center part of the bargain for the both of us, so I was anyways spared the guilt.

I did the being pregnant part, S took care of the information gathering end and we were sorted.

As you would have guessed by now, I dove in head first into the unknown realms of pregnancy and motherhood. Yes, totally unprepared. And today 13 odd days into the latter, I'm learning and discovering at each step, really.

I won't say I have figured out what being a mother entails because it has hardly been a few days in this new role. Also, you never can do that, can you? But there are new bits and pieces that I'm learning about myself and about being a mother in the process. It's all very new for now. I feel as though I'm writing an exam without having prepared for it. But that is also the beauty of it, isn't it?

Just saying, 

I have a daughter, or

My daughter.

out loud seems so strange, for now. And, well, I can't express what I feel. At least, not yet.

I'm also consciously trying not to make motherhood the only overpowering aspect of my life. I just want to make sure I carry on doing everything that I was doing before she arrived. Only experienced mothers can tell me though if that's even a realistic expectation or not.

Today, however, I'm here to give you an insight into a few truths about being a first time mother, a new mother. 

Remember, it's all about my own experience so far and it's not even been a month so don't take it as the holy grail, alright?

15 Truths From A First Time Mom

Well, those are all I have discovered for now. I don't know what the future holds and how this journey is even going to be. But I do know I'm going to share a lot of it with you, here.

Tell me what were your #NewMom or #NewDad Discoveries?

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