Meet The Greatest Man I Know

You learn from experiences you make,
You imbibe from whom you meet,
All along this journey called life.

No, I’m no philosopher but somehow these words ring true.

As we journey through life, people and events inspire us, shape us into what we eventually become. Sometimes good fortune, at times adversity, every trifle or every lot becomes a building block. But the most significant influence remains of people, those around us, those we read about. And when we look back there is always that one person on whose ideals, on whose life we try and base ours.

It's true. In fact, this reminds me of something.

When I was in school, there was a tradition of crowning a student from the senior most class as Ms. St Margaret’s, St Margaret’s being the name of my school. It was a way to celebrate and honor the best student of the class passing out that year. I remember being very fascinated by it all, especially the question and answer rounds, probably to hear what the seniors had to say. Among all the questions asked though, do you know which the most common one was? Well, I’ll tell you.

Who is that one great person in the world whom you admire the most and why?

And every time the answer would range from Mother Teresa to Audrey Hepburn, Vivekananda to Nelson Mandela. All great figures undoubtedly but I often wondered why no one talked about someone closer home. Someone they would have touched, felt and even talked to. But that was just me and my mind concocting theories of its own, like always.

But today I’ll try to answer that question myself. Today, I’ll tell you about someone who has been the rudder in my life’s voyage. He is the man who taught me everything there is to know about life, whose experiences I draw upon to take major decisions in life.

So, are you with me?

Born in to a Bengali Family in the North East of India, he grew up with 9 other siblings. Being the 8th child in the family, the youngest son among 4, you could say he was pampered a little but never to the point of being spoilt. Education was given prime importance in his family which he took extremely seriously as well. In fact, from a very young age, he was very much inclined towards amassing knowledge in any form available, books being the primary source. Hailing from a small tea garden estate, he walked for miles every day, crossed rivers too, to reach his school. But that never deterred him or his other siblings for that matter. And finally after years of hard work and focus on education, he went on to become an Electrical Engineer. That was just the beginning though of his wonderful journey.

From the moment he landed a job, he took upon himself the responsibility of his younger siblings' education and wedding. In fact, he made sure the responsibility lay solely on him. So, while his career was just starting, while he was just beginning to make a name for himself at his place of work, he was also simultaneously making sure his younger sisters are educated and later married into good families when the moment was right.

The next phase in his life came when he was poised to be married. Now, I’m talking about the 80s here where arranged marriages involved the groom-to-be selecting or rejecting a prospective bride based on how photogenic she was. But he decided against subjecting a woman to all this scrutiny. He didn’t want to subject someone else’s sister to what he disliked his sisters being subjected to. So, he actually met his bride for the very first time on their wedding day. You don’t find many people who can do that nowadays, do you?

Then a few years down the line, he became a doting father to two little girls. From then on, his mission in life became one of protecting and shielding his babies. But not in a way that stopped them from growing or spreading their wings. He taught them the meaning of being independent and the dire need for it. In many ways, he was the biggest influence in their lives which resulted in them growing up to be fierce and vocal feminists, never compromising because of their gender. Even today when both his daughters are all grown up they know only too well that he can move heaven and earth to make sure no harm comes to them. And also as long as he is there is nothing that can’t be righted, no problem that can’t be solved.

At every stage of his life, he has been the epitome of resilience, focus, love and sincerity. An honest man to the core, a family man and an accomplished professional, a self-made man, they don't make men like him anymore. Somewhere between his generation to the next, men have stopped being as awesome and wonderful as he is.

He is a man, all man should be like. Being a good man drives him and that is a rare quality in the world today. He is truly made of great for…

·         He has never spent a dishonest moment in his life.
·         He has lived by the principle of doing the right thing no matter how difficult.
·         He has been a good son, a good brother, a great husband and the greatest Dad he could have been and still endeavors to do more.
·         He has lived a life of honesty and made sure his daughters learn the same.
·         He was man enough to never subject his wife-to-be to the abysmal selection process common to arranged marriages.
·         He has made a home full of respect, love and happiness with the woman he married, stands by her through thick and thin.
·         He has never turned back from his responsibility either towards his family or his wife’s.
·         He has emphasized his daughters being educated and independent rather than learning the tricks of the kitchen.
·         He has never stopped them from soaring high, discovering themselves.
·         He has never subscribed to the nonsensical belief that daughters do not belong to their parents. 
·         He has given everything and more, still does, to his wife and daughters.
·         He is the most handsome man to have walked this earth with a beard.
·         He is also a die-hard fan of Lionel Messi, Argentina and Barcelona.
·         He is the best husband, the best father in the world. He is my father, my baba.
·         He is so much more!

I must have done something great in my past life to have deserved him in this one. Whatever I have, I owe it to him.

To him, I owe...

You have to meet him to know what I mean. He is not only a good human being but a learned one in the truest of senses. I wish I can measure up to even an ounce of him one day for then I would have definitely achieved something.

Ladies and gentlemen, my father, my inspiration and a man who is #madeofgreat in the truest of senses.


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