10 Reasons Why I Dislike Rains


Remember the poem Rain Rain Go Away ? Well, I have literally been reciting that for the past two weeks now. 


If you live in Bangalore then you'll know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the allure of petrichor and the romance surrounding rains but there is only so much I can take of piling laundry. Yes, laundry which can't be done because the previous batch hasn't even dried yet. If you visit my home, then you'll see clothes drying everywhere but not really drying at all. And all of this makes me want to catch a hold of the weather Gods and beg them to direct this rain led damp weather to some other corner of the world where it might actually be needed.

So, today troubled by piling laundry and partially dried, still wet and smelly clothes, I'm going to give you 10 reasons on why it's okay to occasionally dislike rains. Don't blame me, it's the hypnotizing odor of semi-dried clothes that's making me do this! The rain feels like my spurned lover out to annoy every bit of sanity out of me.

So, here goes. 

Why I'm not so fond of rain these days and I'm sure you are not either, if you live in my city that is...

  1. You need to find a place in your purse or bag to keep your wet umbrella. You can't possibly like doing that?
  2. If you walk to office, school or college, chances are you need to pass through waterlogged roads in horrible conditions. There's dirt and wet mud all around that travels from your shoes to your home.
  3. The pot holes multiply like a bout of small pox out to cover every inch of the road which makes driving around the city a nightmare.
  4. Clothes don't dry as quickly as they should.
  5. The balcony is covered with clothes which are tired of hanging, waiting for that elusive sunshine, choking for want of fresh air and freedom from the suffocating pile of clothes.
  6. A room or two at home is again full of semi dried clothes, lying with arms and legs stretched, at the mercy of ceiling fans to dry.
  7. The house smells of clothes that are on the verge of a water soaked death.
  8. Traffic! You can't possibly live in Bangalore and not hate rains for the traffic jams it causes.
  9. Power cuts which magically creep into the daily schedule every time it rains as though the electricity board here is only capable of providing power under clear skies!
  10. The autos and cabs extort money from you knowing fully well how hard it is to get either when it rains.

Well, those were some of the reasons I could think of. And, honestly, if the sun isn't out soon enough I'm sure I'll come up with more.

So, rain, if you are reading this, please go away!

And you, yes you who had the astounding patience to read through my rain soaked complaints, do tell me if you love the rains? 

No, wait. Let me rephrase.

Would you still love the rains if it poured incessantly for over 2 weeks?