Be Selfish, Be Happy. Gift Something To The Ones You Love!

Remember Joey Tribianni of FRIENDS fame? Well, one of his quotes was - there are no truly selfless acts in this world. Even though that’s a surprisingly deep sentiment coming from this character, I must say I agree with him. The world is but a selfish place. Yes, there’s always an ulterior motive to everything we do. Don’t believe me? Let me convince you otherwise.

At the end of the day, we are all selfish!

What is the ultimate driving force behind everything you do, everything you want to do? Being happy, isn’t it? Break down any goal of yours, at the nucleus you will find the desire for happiness. Yes, the one thing that takes us through life, its innumerable twists and turns, is the relentless need to be content at the end of it all. And what is contentment? Just another way of describing, well, happiness, our own happiness.

Where am I going with this?

Like it or not the world is indeed selfish because ultimately we want to feel satiated, don’t we? You may beg to differ saying there are things we do just to make those we love happy. Surely. But isn’t that too, at the end of the day, just a personal win for us?


Don’t look so deflated though because in no way am I saying that it is a bad thing. It is a good thing, a great thing in fact that we are self-seeking to that extent. Because eventually it leads us all in to doing wonderful things for those we love, adding dollops of positivity, something immensely lacking in this world. Hence, selfish or not, that is not to be taken lightly.

So, we have established selfish is good!

Now what are some of the things that we do to achieve that?

Or, let me rephrase what are some of the things that we do for the ones we love?

While you ponder on that let me speculate at my end. So, off the top of my head, gifts.

Yes, gifting something special to the those who hold the key to our happiness is an activity we all engage in, especially during auspicious occasions and festivals. And what do you know, according to my calendar it is that time of the year now.

Gifting, there is just something magical about doing that. Don’t you agree?

Be selfish, be happy. Gift something to the one you love!

Now, have you ever thought what it is about giving presents that actually makes it worth its while? I have and here’s what I think.

Gifting is good because...

I have always loved buying gifts for my family during festivals. It is a tradition that has been imbibed in most of us, I think.

I love buying gifts during festivals because...

With Diwali round the corner, I’m reminded of the warmth of the hugs and kisses I receive once I hand in the gifts. And I can’t tell you how wonderful even that thought is.

On to the gifts now..

There are just a handful of people I hold dear, who hold the key to my life. And I have meticulously planned for everything that I want to get them. But today I’ll tell you about what I have picked for my sister, the little munchkin who is often the sane voice in my huge impulsive head.

This time I’m going to give her a phone, a Zenfone actually, and that too by making use of the exciting offer from Asus, Har Pal Happiness.

What’s the offer?

The Har Pal Happiness Offer is Asus’s way of celebrating Diwali with customers. So, on buying an ASUS Zenfone, we get a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour. Now, isn’t that just lovely? But that’s not all. No, sir. One lucky customer also stands a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day! Now that’s a Diwali kind of offer, I must say. It’s all in here.

But why Asus Zenfone as the gift?

You see, my sister has had a long string of tumultuous relationships with her phones, they just never last long enough. Yes, she ends up needing a new phone every year. When that happens there is that one particular day when she stays completely out of touch, what with her ruining her phone and all. Now, I absolutely hate that. I just cannot tolerate not being able to contact her every second of every hour of every day, even at ungodly hours of the night. Don’t judge me, I’m simply the stalker elder sister here. It’s one of my duties and perfectly allowed!

So, this time I’m hoping her relationship with Asus lasts longer than her other phones. Well, of course there is a little bit of selfish motive in that too.

So, by availing the Asus #HarPalHappiness offer...

Now, isn’t that a good plan?

So, you see be a little selfish, make someone 

happy to be happy!