Still Not Off The Beaten Path Eh?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Of the million questions you are bombarded with as a child, this is probably the most asked. I had no clue what to say every time someone threw that at me. Honestly, I was too busy going through the motions of everyday life to actually stop and think about what I wanted to be. No, I wasn’t doing anything which every other kid my age wasn’t doing. I just never made the effort to think, to really ask myself the question. And what do you know, like every other Tom, Dick and Harry of my generation, I too ended up being an Engineer.

Somewhere deep down I knew that was the path I would eventually end up taking. It made sense at that point in time too; after all my father is an Engineer so I might as well be one I thought. Honestly, back then I failed to realize how important a decision this was. And it cost me, this naivety or inanity call what you may. Or, did it really? 

At a time when I could have gone off the beaten path, I simply ended up following the herd. I let my parents decide for me because I had absolutely no idea about anything. And why not since, up until that point in time, I had relied on them for everything. With them I knew nothing could go wrong. They were my safest bet. I was also wary of making the effort to test the waters, doing something entirely different so to speak. So here I am today working as a Software Engineer in a reputed company, a company I don’t really like much. But that’s a story for another day.

As a child what you aspire to be seems to be on every person's agenda, something they really want to find out about you. But once you eventually grow up, nobody even bothers asking if you are satisfied being what you have finally become. Nobody cares if you are happy being what you are today. Right now, sitting and typing this in my cubicle, I wonder if the person next to me really wanted to end up here. Or, like me he too just followed a sequence of events laid out on an overused path?

No, I didn’t take a detour or followed a path less frequented. Am I better off? I don’t know. Who knows what could have been? I do know this though, that I am happy being where I am and with what I have. Do I want more? Well, sure. Who doesn’t? But the key word here is happy and that has to count. I might not like my place of work but I hear that’s a given in any field.

Yes, perhaps what I do for a living isn’t my passion. I mean testing if someone in Australia gets his smart meters connected properly doesn’t really excite me or make so much of a difference. But it’s alright. It could have been worse.

It took me some time but I have found love in writing. So, maybe I didn’t take up creative writing or literature to major while in college but that shouldn’t stop me, should it? I do recommend people taking the path less trodden because that’s how we evolve. But I think it’s okay to not do so as well. Contentment is more important I think. What I don’t find doing what I do as a software engineer, I make sure I find while writing and vice-versa. All in all, a good trade-off between the two.

What do you say? Is it so bad if you don’t go off the beaten path?


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