I Don't Need Your Toxic Presence In My Life Anymore...#FridayReflections

Happiness. What do you think it is? A state of mind or something tangible like people and possessions. What is it really?

I think happiness is the ultimate goal of everything we do, our each and every endeavor. Achievements, success, satisfaction, relief and peace, everything at the end of the day reduces to a single point. The point being about happiness, don’t you think?

Every act that you and I carry out is a means to that end, a continuum of happiness. Analyze the goals of any individual and you’ll find happiness to be at the heart of it all.

The choices we make, eventually, are the dynamics upon which depend the fate of our eternal melee for joy. And these choices we must make with hope tussling through every single cloud of fear. This we must do, no matter how difficult, for if hopes were dupes, fears may be liars.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears – Nelson Mandela

So, say not the struggle naught availeth especially when you have hope driving your choices. Remember happiness is always around the corner, you and I need to learn to recognize it. We need to have the heart to move with optimism no matter how difficult the process and grab every single, enduring shred of it.

All that sounds fine but what am I doing about it in my life? Surely, you must be curious. Am I just sermonizing or am I willing to do something about it as well?

So, for a change I have decided to ignore the toxic people in my life. Maybe even go so far as cutting them off from my day to day activities. The so called friends and acquaintances whose mere presence brings about nothing but negativity, I can surely do without them. Those who, if truth be told, are not really a part of my life anymore.

Out of courtesy, I often refrain from speaking my mind when certain people talk about things that I don’t agree with. I know they are wide off the mark or hold too high an opinion about themselves but I just can’t find the right words to get them off their high horses. I hate conflict and rather avoid it when I know my speaking something is as good as talking to a wall.

Perhaps it’s the fear of an ugly discussion that stops me. Then there are ‘friends’ with whom talking on the phone is always a one sided commentary of how everyone else is a minion in their grand scheme of things. The conceit and the false pride, I ignore all of that out of civility of course. But somewhere it annoys me to the point of running my mood as well. My happiness suffers in the process. Hence, after some careful thought, thanks to the uninterrupted time I got at the hospital, I have decided to slowly get rid of them from my life. A quite hi and hello at times perhaps, that’s all.

It is a choice I make knowingly with hope, without any fear because it is they who are lacking and not me. Their presence doesn’t enhance my life or my mind in any way. And there’s no point investing time in dead, unproductive relationships or in trying to show them the mirror, if I may put it that way. I have decided to be over and done with every connection that is selfish, fake and brings me nothing but a heartburn possibly!

So, that’s what I intend to do for my peace of mind and serenity.

What about you? Do you have toxic relationships and acquaintances as well? If so, how do you deal with them? With hope or fear? What is the choice that you make?


Join Janine Ripper and Mackenzie Glanville and some other wonderful bloggers like Corinne Rodrigues for the #FridayReflections every week. Today’s prompts are:

• Write about your first job.
• Are you a winter, summer, autumn (fall) or spring person?
• Reflect on why it’s important to express gratitude and/or the difference it has made in your life.
• Reflect on the following quote: May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears – Nelson Mandela

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