Compassion or Lip Service? #1000Speak

Have you noticed how much the world has spoken about compassion in the past month or so? More than usual by any standard I should say. Strange how one event, one catastrophe can bring us out of this perpetual limbo of apathy. Yes, one that we often seem to be trapped in. 

But do you know what bothers me about all this? It is how we pick and choose between tragedies. How we decide to turn on this button of sympathy for one calamity as opposed to the other. I'm not saying I'm any different, or I'm a cut above the rest when it comes to doing the right thing, certainly not. But that's not to say it doesn't worry me.

What happened to Aylan, it definitely needs to be talked about. It's a black mark on our conscience. But what took us so long to wake up? This wasn't the first instance, was it? Millions and millions of children have died in war torn regions around the world for years now. And still continue to die. So, how can we choose one Aylan above another?

Closer home I see people gungho about conflicts and humanitarian crisis on distant shores, which is good. But what about the problems in our own backyard? Why turn the blind eye there? Honestly, I feel we are compassionate only to the degree of convenience. Bitter but true.

I don't have the answer to India's problems or the world's problems at large. I'm not qualified for that. But if I were to look at things objectively and as per my capacity, I'd say I do whatever humanely and practically possible, however small the reach. Maybe solving these trifles around me would eventually build up a bigger change?

Honestly, I feel we are compassionate only to the degree of convenience.

If I be honest with myself then I don't have the means or the resources to affect a big change on my own. But there are still ways in which I could touch the lives of some. It could be through compassion for the maid who comes in early every morning to help me. Donating when I can, to charities or causes that tug at my heart's strings. I could stop judging people for a change and see the positives in them. Teach the future generation, whenever I can, to differentiate right from wrong. Lend a patient ear to the elderly perhaps? Basically be honestly compassionate and not do it just for the heck of it.

It all boils down to being honest with our take on compassion. How you do it is entirely up to you. But bear in mind, only lip service won't change anything in the world. And that certainly isn't compassion.

Think about it. Is your compassion just a lip service or do you really care?


This post is for the #1000Speak on Compassion. The linky opens this 19th September and is open till 21st September. Do join in if you can and only if you honestly feel about it.