99 Things I love

Reflecting on what you love is one of those sure shot ways of bringing that mischievous, evading smile back on to your lips. Don’t you agree?

Since blue seems to be the color of the day today, it being a Monday and all, I thought why not make a list of some of my absolute favorite things in the world. Actually, why not jot down 99 of my most favorite things in the world? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the Friday Reflections for coming up with this mood uplifting prompt actually. And what do you know I couldn’t have picked a better day to write on it as well, a Friday Reflections post on a Monday. So, here I go.

99 things I love

1.       My Family for being there for me always.
2.       Books – My journey and destination, et al.
3.       Blogging. Where would I be without it?
4.       Memories. They give me a foundation to build on.
5.       The burn marks on my thighs for they remind me how one sweet adversity brought S into my life.
6.       My parents for raising an independent woman in me.
7.       My country. It has its flaws, sure, but I can’t imagine being born anywhere else.
8.       My job. Yes, it helps me pay for everything and just about anything I want to do. My financial security blanket.
9.       Eating out. How much I love doing that!
10.   Marrying S. See I’m so good at making important decisions? Okay, back to being modest now.
11.   Germany for giving me some wonderful memories.
12.   Ginger Tea which makes my afternoons in the office bearable.
13.   Music. I get so much work done listening to music. It keeps me focused and drowns out the outside noise.
14.   Gossip sessions with my sister. She gets me like no one else does.
15.   Holiday in Paris, truly the city of lights.
16.   DurgaPuja with my family.
17.   Chinese and Thai Food.
18.   My eccentricities. They make me unique, they make me Me.
19.   My home. Love that I have a space to call my own.
20.   Being blessed to be living in a part of the world which offers safety and security. Something that can't be taken lightly at all.
21.   Having had the opportunity to grow up in the north east of India, Shillong.
22.   That beinghurt by certain friends has made me stronger instead of vulnerable and weak.
23.   A clean home.
24.   My cook.
25.   My maid who makes life so much easier.
26.   Fish. Oh well, I’m a Bengali after all.
27.   Old blog posts, reading them I can connect with my past-self better.
28.   My iPhone. I feel lost without it.
29.   Twitter. It transforms the wallflower in me into a social butterfly without actually having to be one. Well, good or bad, I enjoy it thoroughly.
30.   My book shelf which makes me beam with pride at the sheer volume of titles I’ve read. But I’m not done yet!
31.   Bangalore weather. It’s just awesome.
32.   Switrzerland. So glad I was able to strike it off my To-Visit list!
33.   Being cooped up at home with S, doing nothing.
34.   Weekends with my sister, again, doing nothing.
35.   Being a friend rather than the strict elder sibling to my little sister. Of-course, she would rather call me the control freak who is also the voice in her head urging her to be careful always. But I love being that too.
36.   Acquaintances I have made through blogging. You have been more of a friend to me than those I’ve met in real life.
37.   Adam Levine.
38.   Thrillers. How much I love those!
39.   Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. In fact, Benedict Cumberbatch in any form.
40.   French fires. Yes, who doesn’t love French fries?
41.   My collection of jeans.
42.   Binge watching our favorite television series with S.
43.   Margaritas. A girl’s got to drink after-all.
44.   Getting high on Sangria with my sister.
45.   Finishing a book within a day.
46.   Publishing a post. That feeling is indescribable.
47.   Reading the comments on my posts.
48.   Guwahati, for that’s where my parents live now.
49.   My love story. Oh yes!
50.   Peaceful holidays in Goa, South Goa to be precise.
51.   Taylor Swift. I just love her songs.
52.   Being lazy. If there was an award for the laziest person in the world, I would win that hands-down!
53.   Patishapta, sweet crepes, a Bengali dish.
54.   Food cooked by mom.
55.   My hair. Yes, I have grown to love it now.
56.   Hibiscus Flowers. They remind me of my grandmother for some reason.
57.   My laptop. How can I not love that?
58.   My ability to overhear things even if I’m not trying to do so.
59.   My afternoon naps on holidays.
60.   Evenings spent drinking with S and my sister.
61.   Barbecue nights.
62.   Sweet scents that bring back childhood memories.
63.   My first overseas travel to Australia, the experience of living alone in a country where I knew no one. Precious.
64.   Australian clients. Working with them is so convenient. I’m mostly free after 1 in the afternoon. How cool is that?
65.   My washing machine. Yes, I don’t know what I would have done without it.
66.   Songs sung by Kishore Kumar, among my absolute favorites. He has sung a song for every mood.
67.   S in front of whom I can be vulnerable. I can fight the entire world, put up a brave face and not reveal my fears in front of anyone knowing fulling well that I have him for that.
68.   Coriander Chutney, I just love it.
69.   Homemade chicken curry.
70.   Sizzlers.
71.   That I can eat lots of rice and still not put on weight. Touch wood!
72.   Cakes on birthdays.
73.   That I can make a list and you have the patience to go through it. Thank You!
74.   My low tolerance for pseudo-intellectuals.
75.   That I neither borrow nor lend and try to manage my personal finance myself.
76.   Shopping alone. It's therapeutic too.
77.   Being able to be something more than just an engineer.
78.   Being a woman. There’s so much to us, isn’t there?
79.   Good clothes. Who doesn’t love good clothes?
80.   That I’m a feminist and proudly proclaim it, that I don’t stay on the sidelines on such an important issue.
81.   Free-lance work that comes my way thanks to my blog.
82.   Boiled Eggs. Yes, well, I do love food!
83.   Beach holidays. When will I be able to go for the next one?
84.   Restaurant hopping with S.
85.   Winters. My favorite season of all. 
86.   Playing in the snow.
87.   Perfumes. I love my collection. Someday I’ll do a post on that too.
88.   Internet. It is obvious why, isn’t it?
89.   Ordering just about anything online. It saves so much time and effort.
90.   My Kindle.
91.   My collection of silk sarees; all gifted by mom.
92.   Rice. I cannot live without rice.
93.   Stoles. I love collecting and wearing stoles.
94.   River cruises, especially those in Amsterdam and Paris.
95.   Dipping cakes and biscuits in tea and eating them. Yes, I’m weird that way.
96.   Pineapples. I don't really like any other fruit.
97.   Game Of Thrones, Orphan Black and How To Get Away With Murder. Watch these to know why!
98.   Mauritius. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
99.   Almost a decade of being together with S. The transition from college sweethearts to a married couple. We have so much to see together. I love the adventure we are on.

Wow! Looks like I made the list? It wasn't easy, I must say.

Thinking of 99 things that you love is not a piece of cake, not at all. I never thought I could actually come up with 99 things but look I did.

Tell me about a few things that would be on your list. And do we have anything in common?


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