To Leave Or Not To Leave....#MondayMusings

Back in school, I hated taking leaves. Yes, even when I was sick, running high temperatures, all I wanted to do was go to school. I never could tell if it was out of sincerity or just the comfort of the routine it entailed. But there was a voice inside, always coaxing me to not miss school, come hell or high water.

I remember it was chakka-bandh (a sort of protest where vehicles aren't allowed to ply on roads) one day and my parents, fearing disruptions, had decided that I should stay in. If my memory serves me right I was just in the 4th standard at that point of time. As the day progressed, my parents gradually noticed how restless I was on account of missing classes. Yes, classes which had very low probability of being conducted due to low attendance. 

I was so fidgety that my dad decided to find out how the situation was around town. And when he did, I was being dressed for school before I even knew it. Believe it or not, that day I attended class from the third period onward. I was so happy, almost as if I had won some kind of lottery. My teachers too were very pleased seeing my enthusiasm. There were not many students in attendance that day, for obvious reasons of-course, but I was elated that I didn't have to miss an entire day. Not very typical of a child, right? Sometimes I wonder why I'm so weird?

Gradually though the bunking bug bit me but not before I was in the 12th standard. And it continued later during my engineering days too. But somehow, somewhere the relief of actually attending every class as opposed to bunking was far greater. A strange thing to admit really.

Today, I keep annoying S, blaming him for not bunking often but in my heart I'm glad he doesn't. Why? Because if he doesn't bunk, I don't bunk either. Don't get me wrong, the idea of staying away from work, preferably at home, is extremely enticing. And I can go ahead do it without giving a second thought if it wasn't for some sense of responsibility for work that I have. Okay, I admit that's not even the main sticking point. The crux of the matter is I hate seeing my leaves being deducted. There I said it. I would have taken leaves more often if I didn't have to apply any or if S's leaves got deducted in place of mine. Ahh it's not selfish, he anyways has more leave balance than me so it makes perfect sense! Just don't tell him.

On a serious note though, what will I do with all the saved leaves if I don't use them? And if I use them they have to be deducted, don't they? Oh well, chicken and eggs all over again.

Anyways, today, I ended up taking an off from work. And you won't believe but all through the day I was wondering if I can somehow sidestep applying today's leave in the system. Me and my quirks, I tell you.

Tell me, do you have such strange whims when it comes to taking leaves?

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