Grateful, In Sickness & In Health...#MondayMusings

Can’t imagine we are at the end of August already! The last week or rather the past 10 odd days are such a blur, what with having spent it being admitted in a hospital and all. Being sick does that to you. Everything passes by in a jiffy the moment you go under the weather. It’s like a tunnel, a dark one at that, where the whole shebang happens at lightning speeds. You do feel the pain and discomfort though, every bit of it. What do you know, there’s no respite there.

But while that happens at the slowest of paces imaginable, somehow you lose your grip on time, it just spins out of control. Before you know it you are at the other end of the tunnel having spent a good few days of your short life in a haze. But who can complaint as long as you do get to reach the other end, right?

So, after a week at the hospital, still recuperating and still very weak, all I want to do today is a gratitude post. The occasion calls for it, don’t you think? So, here I go.

I’m grateful….

Well, that’s all for now. I hope I have a better September. In fact, I hope we all have a better September.

Until next time then,
Wishing you good health.



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