Beards, Sweaters & More... #MondayMusings

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve seen my dad wear a beard. Honestly, I cannot ever imagine him without one. I remember drawing him with beard all the time. Growing up, my sister and I, would literally get panic attacks every time mom mentioned he was getting rid of his beard. Of-course, she would just be teasing us then. Even today whenever there is talk about dad trying the clean shaven look for a change, we oppose it with all our might. It’s just that dad for us has to have his beard. In our eyes, nobody carries a beard as well as he does. Nobody ever can. For us dad and his beard are integral parts of our lives and we want the status quo to be maintained forever.

That’s not the only thing though. My dad doesn’t wear jeans and I cannot imagine him in one. He’s always suited up, in his formals or semi-formals, never in a jeans. I like him just that way. For some reason, I find it weird to see dads dressed in jeans. But that’s just me. However, you see the point I’m trying to make here? There’s always something that sticks, something that defines a person and relationship to you. There are things, characteristics rather, without which something would seem off.

My sister has to have coffee at weird times of the night. Like clockwork, she walks into the kitchen for coffee, the moment I tell her it’s time for dinner. Apparently, she can’t dine without having her cup of coffee first. And somewhere I always know that will be her reaction every time. My mom, she needs to finish all the work in the kitchen before she can sit down to eat. Never have I seen her eat with a messy kitchen awaiting her attention. These are probably unimportant things but at the end of the day they also help you identify a person in certain ways. I, for example, never finish a cup of tea completely. I always, always leave behind some of it.

With S too there are so many things, for example, he just doesn’t wear sweaters in Bangalore. Apparently, for him, there is no winter here. Even on days when it gets chilly, you won’t see him in a sweater. I have tried and tried for years but he just won’t listen. For me, S has to be difficult when it comes to putting on warm clothes in the winter here in Bangalore or else it would get the warning bells ringing.

So, what I’m trying to say is, everyone you know has some peculiar habit or identifier, consciously or subconsciously defining him or her for you. And that stays in your psyche as an essential part of that person. These are the pieces that make up that person for you, build the personality or individual you know. Even one piece missing or not fitting would then be an unwelcome anomaly.

There is a particular image that people you love conform to, their imprints on your mind’s eye, so to speak. It could be that one peculiar habit of theirs or something they always say, the way they say it too, certain nuances that register in your heart as theirs. Some idiosyncrasies that only make sense when it is related to them. You can call these my #MondayMusings but pick anyone you know, especially those extremely close to you and you’ll see it’s true.

So, tell me if there’s anything that comes to your mind after reading this. I’d love to hear.


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