Why I Don't Like Road Trips...

The other day S was telling me about this couple who went on a road trip from Bangalore to Bhutan. Do you know what my reaction was? Well, why on earth would they even want to do that? Haven't they heard of this thing called air travel? And who is their employer for it looks like they have a lot of vacation days! Okay! That's unfair. It's a free country and if some people have all the time in the world to be on the road, week after week, then who am I to judge? To each their own. But I for one can never really see the charm in that, not today, not anytime in the future. Yes, well I've always been an old woman in a young person's body. Hence, the reason for my reaction.

But looks like I'm the odd one out here. From what I hear, there is another couple who just hitchhiked all the way from Bulgaria to India. That's a whole different level of crazy altogether, admittedly just in my book. I guess I'm the quintessential couch potato and naturally the road trip Grinch! Yes, I admit it.

In fact, you want to know a secret? If I was into it, S wouldn't mind road trips at all. Yes, I'm such a killjoy when it comes to those that he has eventually made peace with this side of me.

Do you like road trips? 

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Well, as you would have inferred by now I'm not particularly fond of them and I'm here to tell you why.

•  When I could travel by air, why would I want to go on road trips? So tiring and not to mention time consuming.

•  Why not save all the vacation days for the destination?

•  Staying at home is much better than sleeping in the car or in motels!

•  If I wanted to see the scenery, I could do it by making a central location my base.

•  Staying in hotels on highways is not really my idea of fun.

• Sitting by the side of the road, sipping tea and looking at the natural wonders doesn't really excite me as much as staying indoors.

• I can't freshen up in the sort of places usually available on road trips.

• I can't stay in the hotels along the way.

• I get car sick, if there is such a thing.

• I'm just a boring and lazy person. This is probably the biggest reason of all.

So, no road trips for me please!

Well, that's all I have for you today. Until next time.


Before you go, tell me which side are you on - road trips or no road trips? I'm all ears.

PS: No offence meant to all those who love road trips.


This post has been written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on a Saturday.