NextGTv: Entertainment On The Go

This is an era of 24x7 connectivity with the world, thanks to our hi- tech smartphones. In fact, we depend so much on our mobile these days that it’s difficult to image our life without it. We spend so much time with it that it has become our source for entertainment too.

From music to video streaming, we do everything, and more, on our mobile phones today.  Now would you believe if I tell you that you can watch TV shows and latest movies too on your handset? By the way, did I mention live shows too? Let me introduce you to the nextGTv.

What is NEXTGtv?

Well, it is your one stop destination for entertainment, be it Live TV, Movies, TV Shows and Videos.

You can access this application, launched by Digivive, via your mobile phones, tablets or laptops. In fact, you should also know that it is actually one of the top ten applications in its category. What else could you ask for?

Today’s generation, in fact the entire world today, wants everything at their fingertips which also includes fun. For example, with mobile internet services getting better each day, people want to be able to access means for entertainment during commute as well. Well, could you blame them considering how much time is spent shuttling from one point to the other daily?  No, right? And that is one of the reasons why watching television while on the move is a reality today.

And here's where NEXTGtv steps in. Live TV, popular channels, movies, TV shows and videos, all available and accessible on the move. I love how technology has simplified aspects of our lives, helping nextGTv bring television and movies to our mobile devices.


The app is easy to understand and use. You can perform searches in it as well. What's more? Well, the application even shows what’s in demand in the form of ‘What’s Hot’ section. Now isn't that just great? The TV shows available are not only in Hindi, but in a number of regional languages too such as Gujarati, Bangla, Marathi and Kannada. Quite interesting and quite a lot packed in to an app, I would say.

So, why don’t you try it out yourself and tell me what you think?