Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water? Yes? No?

Blood is thicker than water.

It was during one of my Additional English classes that I first stumbled across this adage. I was in the 10th standard then, if I’m not wrong. In fact, that was the first time I had also written on it. I still remember that period, at least bits and pieces of it. Ms. Bhaswati, one of the two teachers who made me fall in love with the written word, was the one who had actually introduced this aphorism to me and the rest of the class too.

I remember that day she came into the class and asked us to write our interpretations of this quote. This was one of the reasons I absolutely loved her classes. She let our imagination flow, never curtailed it in any manner. So, on her prompt I got down to writing and ever since, this saying has been one of my very favorites. I even remember Miss reading out what I had written to the entire class. Oh! I miss those days. Anyways, moving on.

"Yes most definitely blood is thicker than water, only exception being that of the rapport between life partners."

Well, blood is thicker than water, absolutely. There’s no one in the entire world who’d do as much for you than your own family. This bond that is formed at birth is way stronger than any you forge later. Well, there’s an exception to this too, about which I’ll talk later. But the crux of the matter is nobody, and I mean nobody, can love or care for you more than your family. It’s not something you choose, not something that you plan but you just end up loving this bunch of people because, well, they are your family. Friends or acquaintances, I haven’t found any who would love you as selflessly as your own family. So, yes most definitely blood is thicker than water, only exception being that of the rapport between life partners.

Yes, the bond between a husband and a wife is never by blood but they do live for each other, don’t they? And it doesn't have to be just between spouses, the criteria here is love. Yes, love, I think, strengthens this relationship and despite not sharing the same bloodline it is one of the strongest there is. I have seen this between my parents, in what I feel for S and even between other partners. So, this is the only place where perhaps this adage fails and rightly so.

For me this quote holds a lot of weight and meaning. It has proved itself to be true on so many counts, failing only when it comes to S. Nobody could care for me like he does. I guess the fact that this comes so close to being an absolute statement, except in the area that it rightly shouldn't, is what gets it all the ticks in my book.

Well, you guessed it right, this was the last quote of my 3-Day-Quote-Challenge. Tell me what you think about it. And yes, feel free to take up the challenge yourself. I'd surely love to read.The rules are mentioned in my post here.