#FundsIndia : New India Portfolio

How wonderful is the feeling when the world looks at India as a reckoning force, isn't it? A country with a potential to grow and exceed every expectation. Yes, there are drawbacks and obstacles but that makes our growth story even more interesting, isn't it?

The New India growth story is known to one and all. Today, the world looks at us not merely as a developing economy but one which has the caliber for exceptional growth. There is a positive feeling, a sense of change and an immense wish for developing and excelling in every field. Our economy is at a pivotal point, if I may say so. Today, harbinging on this very sentiment India looks towards a growth story, an inclusive growth story in fact, where wealth creation is for everyone.

With new initiatives launched by the Government of India like Make In India, investment products such as Mutual Funds, Equities, Insurance, Corporate Deposits, Gold and Loans have been brought to the forefront. In fact, they have grown bigger and better. And why not? Today, not only the market sentiments but the expectation of returns too are at an all time high.

Look around you, you'll notice the changes and the march towards a brighter future for all. India has again become a lucrative place for foreign investments. You do know that when that happens, the country benefits and when the country benefits, you and I benefit as well. Of-course, for that we need to invest too. But where and in which portfolios is the question, isn't it? Well, let me suggest one to you.

Yes, keeping the whys, hows and whats of investment in mind, let's talk today about a portfolio that is worth looking into, the New India Portfolio from FundsIndia. Let's find out how we can ride the growth wave too but without greater risks through this product.

FundsIndia is an online platform that was established to help customers with their investments. Set up in the year 2009, it has been recognized as a Promising Brand of the Year 2015 in the financial services category at The Economic Times Best Promising Brands Summit. This one stop destination for all your investment needs actually boasts over 4 lakh happy customers which in itself is no mean feat.

This offering by FundsIndia called New India Portfolio is a powerful financial product made up of four mutual funds aimed at deriving profit from the power of this new India. It's a tool, a powerful one at that too, to make wealth in today's India, an India slated to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to a whole set of reform initiatives.

Wealth creation based on capacity, investments keeping in mind returns and assessing risks is a primary objective for any investor. FundsIndia with the help of a very strong research team has managed to come up with just the product for that, the New India Portfolio. 

This 4 fund portfolio is well structured to deliver good returns in the long run. Made up of a healthy and well thought out mix of funds it is positioned better to ensure wealth creation.

  1. Diversified Fund - This includes the large caps and hence provides for stable returns, a must for a well performing portfolio.
  2. Mid-cap Fund - As the name suggests, this includes the mid-caps which have a great potential to outperform projections adding to stability and reduced risk.
  3. Diversified Theme Fund - Again as the name suggests this is for investing across sectors and reducing the risk factor.
  4. Long-term debt Fund- This includes your long term investments which could also be seen as the income fund. It is safe as an option with guaranteed returns at most times adding considerable stability and credibility to the portfolio.

Together, these 4 types of funds strengthen the portfolio, diversifying it and ensuring meaningful asset allocation. It ensures that you too become a part of the New India growth story. You could find out more about it here at #FundsIndia.


Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.