#AsusZenFone2: Not Just Another Review

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, indispensable actually. Like it or not, these devices have far outnumbered landlines today. Truth be told, I wouldn't even be surprised if the latter becomes obsolete in the near future. But that's a discussion for another day. For today let's focus on smartphones.

"Smartphones have now not only become a preference but a necessity too. Hence, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that choosing the correct one is not a decision to be taken lightly."

In light of this therefore, let me tell you about a phone to which the users have begun to take quite a fancy, the Asus ZenFone 2. Yes, it's the world's first smartphone with 4GB RAM, but it obviously has more to it! And I'm here to tell you just that. 

In fact, why not let it's features do the talking? Yes? So, here they are for you to devour.

♥ Beautifully crafted with ultra thin edges. 
♥ Thinnest at 3.9 mm and concentric circle pitch 0.13mm.
♥ Ergonomic arc design with intuitive rear controls.
♥ 72% screen to body ratio.
♥ 5.5 inch smartphone.
♥ 64-bit 2.3 GHz Super Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3850 processor.
♥ Dual-channel DDR3 RAM.
♥ LTE Cat 4+ for download speeds up to 250Mbits/s.
♥ 60ms touch response time.
♥ 13MP PixelMaster Camera
♥ 5P Largan Lenses
♥ Toshiba Sensor
♥ Dual LED Real Tone Flash
♥ Fast charging with 60% of battery capacity in 39 minutes.
♥ Fast charging 10 mins 2G talk time 4 hours.
♥ Fast charging 10 mins 3G talk time 2.7 hours.

So, with such top quality specifications, are you really surprised that the Asus ZenFone 2 has been receiving such positive reviews? Yes, thumbs up from almost every quarter in it's range, in terms of affordability as well as usability.

Some key points made in favor of Asus ZenFone 2:

♥ No lag.
♥ Effortless multitasking.
♥ Customisable UI with more features brought in by Android Lollipop.
♥ Excellent camera especially in low light.
♥ Additional Storage.
♥ Better build quality.
♥ Vivid display.
♥ Easy-to-use interface.
♥ Impressive battery life.
♥ Premium design.
♥ Offers more than other phones in it's range.
♥ Premium experience at affordable price.

How has the Asus ZenFone2 been taken worldwide? 
A few statistics for you below:

♥ Zoomed to No. 1 position of Unlocked Phone Bestsellers on Amazon USA within 10 hours.
♥ 3 out of 5 top phones on bestsellers on newegg.com USA are ZenFone 2 variants.
♥ 1,500,000 pre-orders in China in just a day!
♥ 6 times more pre-orders than Zenfone 1st gen in Japan.
♥ No. 1 best seller on Amazon Italy.
♥ 2 million units sold in Indonesia with no.1 share of voice on Google Trend.
♥ It surpassed Galaxy S6 on Google Trend in Singapore.
♥ Sold over 100, 000 units and counting in Hongkong.
♥ No. 2 top seller at the biggest Retailer in France - Cdiscount.

A few months ago, I had written about the experience of using the Asus ZenFone here, a highly successful offering of 2014, and now it's the ZenFone 2 which seems to be achieving as much popularity as it's predecessor, perhaps even more.

True to it's name, the ZenFone 2, is  a perfect amalgamation of beauty and strength, which let me tell you, isn't something to be ignored. 

So, if you are looking for a mid range smartphone then I'd say this is the one for you. And why not? It is after all far ahead of competition in terms of the specifications it provides at the current price. What else could you ask for?

If you are convinced, do check out ASUS on Flipkart.

Read more about the #AsusZenFone2 in the info-graphic below.