Oh inspiration, where art thou?

Oh inspiration, where art thou?

These days I find it so hard to concentrate on writing something, anything! The ideas hover around but somehow are always beyond my reach. If you are a blogger or writer, you know what I'm talking about. Some call it writer’s block but I prefer to call it laziness. Yes, why else would I procrastinate writing, when it’s something that makes each day worthwhile?

There were times when even vegetables inspired me to write posts but looks like I've become creativity resistant these days. But I won't give up so easily. Not at all! Hence, today I have pledged to hit the publish button, come what may. But what that would be is the question really. Any suggestions?

Should I write about how I'm horrible at yoga? Yes, that might do the trick. 

So, just recently I was dragged by my friends to yoga sessions that take place at office. Now, you should know this about me, I'm not an exercise or physical activity loving person. I'm more of a couch potato who prefers reading and writing instead of exertion in any form. Even in school I always tried my best to skip sports and physical training classes. To add to that, I have absolutely no sense of direction. So you can very well imagine what happened when I attended the yoga session. I ended up doing the exact opposite of what the class was doing. If they went right, I went left. If they used their hands, I my legs. Well, in a nutshell, I made a complete fool of myself. So, as you can see yoga and I are not compatible at all. In fact, that was probably the last yoga session for me, at least for a very long time to come!

What else should I bore you with? Office, friends, my cook or my maid? Let's see!

Her Royal Highness, my Maid, has been on leave since last Monday. She was supposed to be back in four days but looks like she had decided to extend her holiday without intimation. It makes me want to not take her back but then this relationship is one I can't get out of! Ahh, what the need for comfort does to you! And His Majesty, My Cook, what do I say about him? He makes me wish I actually loved cooking as much as I love eating. If only that were true, I would have bid him farewell too.

Well, I think that should do for today. Why don't you tell me how much you enjoyed (hated) reading this?

Until next time, until inspiration strikes!