I'm Weird Because...

Last year I had done a post titled ‘I’m Blank Because’ and, I must say, I enjoyed every moment of writing it. In fact, inspired by Little Miss Momma's Post - I'm Blank Because quite a number of bloggers had tried their hands on this. Today, about 9 months on I thought why don’t indulge in the same exercise again? It would be interesting to find out how crazy I’m still and how my quirks have changed, or not, from August 2014 to June 2015.

So, shall we find out some weird things about me?

What is it that I hear? A yes? Well, I hope so!

Let's go then.

Source : freedigitalphotos.net/ by Stuart Miles

I’m weird because……

I carry a sweater to office even in the middle of summers.
I absolutely abhor fruits, especially mangoes.
I don't enjoy going for long drives. They are simply tiring!
I have tried to learn driving about 4 times now and each time I fared miserably. (PS: It’s not a reflection on other women, just me!)
If I like a song or an album, I keep listening to it day after day, everyday, till another song or album takes it's place.
I feel like the entire world is out to get me.
I seriously wish there was a way to beat up trolls on twitter.
I absolutely don't like coffee.
I have no interest in ice-creams.
I would rather spend my holidays sleeping in than going for a trip outside.
I'm always angry. I'm the SHE-HULK.
I can't take criticism. It just makes me angry and defensive.
I hate being added to Whatsapp Groups.
I never forgive nor forget.
I don't know what to talk to people about, always at a loss of words and I'm apprently a grown up!
I absolutely dislike people who think the best way to do anything is to do it their way.
When I'm told that I have to do something, I try every possible trick in the book to not do it at all.
I can feel extreme heat and extreme cold, in the same space, with the span of a minute!
I avoid socializing with office people outside of work.
I don't like what my cook prepares for dinner but I still don't want to throw him out!
I have this strange apathy towards cumin seeds.
I hate it when guests walk all over my living room carpet with their dirty shoes on. Who does that?
I don't take kindly to being told what to do, how to do and when to do by people who clearly have no idea how to sort even the smallest of problems in their own lives!
I don't like lending my books to anyone. I believe, if you want to read buy your own books!
My family thinks I keep fighting with everyone but I don't agree! (PS: God Forbid if you cross me!)
I feel no one cleans my house better than myself.
I don't like anyone else cooking in my kitchen, except the cook maybe.
I don't like having pets at home.
I love dancing when no one else in around.
I clean my kitchen like a mad person, not even a single drop of oil or water can be left there, unwiped.
I'm paranoid about my sister going out after 10 at night. I make her send me her Whatsapp location just so I know she is at home, safe.
While watching 'How To Get Away With Murder', I knew before hand what they needed to do to escape being caught!
I stomp my feet when I'm angry and make weird faces.
I've supernatural evesdropping capability without even conciously knowing that I'm doing so.
I have never got caught doing anything I wasn't supposed to and I have always done things that I wasn't supposed to!
I'm an old lady in a young person's body!

Oh! wow that felt great! It's actually cathartic, writing about your weird habits. Trust me.

Well, that was me, the weird me actually! Tell me are you a little weird too, in your own way ofcourse? If yes, I'd love to hear and know that I'm not alone!

Go on!