A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

So, I'm back yet again with my attempt to crawl back to posting regularly. Let's see how this one goes. Shall we? Alright then!

Well, there's not much news at my end. I'm as boring and useless as I was last week, only older perhaps. The only thing worth mentioning is that I'm writing today sitting at my new dining table, listening to old Kishore Kumar songs as the wind-chimes on my balcony dance to the tunes of the soothing Bangalore breeze. It's actually quite relaxing I must say. In fact, I can also see my cook singing along. Well, looks like tonight's dinner is going to be quite musical. What do you think?

Moving on. It's only Tuesday and I feel exhausted already. What about you? I really wish Wednesdays were holidays as well, don't you? Two working days each with a holiday sandwiched in between. Wouldn't that be just great? This five day working week concept needs to change and soon. Weekends need to be longer and one should not have to wait for five whole days for it to come around. Well, I hope those in charge are listening.

While the focus is on weekends, I should mention that I ended up watching two back to back movies on Sunday. Spy and Jurassic World. My sister and husband somehow love watching more than one movie in the theater in a day. And obviously they drag me along as well. Now, while on the topic of cinema and theaters, let me share with you something that I noticed that day. 

There was a family sitting in the row behind us during one of the movies, kids and parents et al. And all through the movie, the kids continued kicking at our seats. Yes, no respite at all. Now, I had wanted to give the parents a piece of my mind but S somehow stopped me from doing that. He's a very peaceful kind of a guy. I know, it's surprising. But anyways, this annoying behavior by the kids and the parents, who didn't even bother to stop their kids, made me wonder. Don't parents teach their kids basic manners these days? Or, are parents okay with their kids behaving like a bunch of Neanderthals? Honestly, I feel pity for the kids and the parents as well.

Tell me have you ever come face to face with such out-of-control kids? And what did you do? Oh and yes how was your weekend? I know it's a little too late to ask this but who says I can't?

Until Next Time.