Why Cross The Line?

What you are is never dependent on the world’s perception of you. Why? Well, because, trust me when I say this, the world will always find something wrong with you and they won’t stop short of saying it on your face. As humans we have this tendency to scrutinize endlessly, and more often than not in a negative way. For us, the flaws matter more than strengths. Yes, somehow we find it easier to see the worse in everyone apart from our very own selves.

You know, I have never found it in me, whether the courage or even the audacity, to comment on someone’s choice of clothes or perhaps food. And that to on their face. I find it to be an extremely rude and mannerless thing to do. But then sometimes I feel I’m the only one adhering to this unspoken rule of not crossing the line. Yes, maybe within the immediate family you can do that and it’s even expected. But not so when you are just an acquaintance. I don’t know, what do you think?

Just a few days back when my sister was placed in one of the top 4 consultancy companies of the world, a neighbor of my parents commented with her half-baked knowledge that it was one of the worst companies in the world. Now, she is sitting at home doing nothing, completely dependent on her aged parents without any clue about the IT industry. My parents could have said it on her face that she has no idea of what she is talking about, right there. But they didn’t do that out of courtesy but they did feel bad about it. At such occasions, I wonder if it is okay to cross that line and make it know to such nincompoops that they need to keep their opinions to themselves. But somehow I find it extremely hard to do that.

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And that’s not all, there are people who go on to talk about your weight, your teeth, your choice of accessories and what not! I personally feel that it’s not appropriate for anyone to do that. And here’s where being good turns to something uncomfortable. What happens is out of courtesy, you don’t retort back but that bad taste lingers. I have never commented on anyone’s dresses, shoes or anything else for that matter no matter how ridiculous they might have appeared to me. I have never commented on anyone’s choice of food or the way they eat. I find it astounding when people comment on the food habits of people from other parts of the country or even the world in a derogatory fashion. Where is the restraint? And yes, all this is not healthy banter. More often than not these things are said seriously.

While it is human tendency to think that what we do is the best, is it really necessary to make it known? Well, I certainly don’t think so.

Well, that is what I feel. Now, tell me what you think about it all. Am I just being over sensitive? It could be because I’m going through a phase of bad mood swings these days. Still, do tell me what you feel about this.

Until next time.