My Flipkart, My Genie, #EveryWishFulfilled

Such a wonderful and heartwarming video, right? How a birthday blooper is fixed instantly to make Yashi's wish come true! Makes you wonder how easy it is actually to bring that precious smile on your near and dear ones faces. How every wish can be fulfilled? And of-course, what goes one behind the scenes as you wait for the thing you ordered. So many people involved in getting your joys and needs delivered? Interesting!

Remember the Aladdin story? Well, I’m sure you do. One of the reasons why I loved it as a child, and still do in fact, is that it had a genie in it. Yes, someone who could make wishes come true. Wonderful, isn't it? Who wouldn't want a genie who fulfills wishes at the blink of an eye? I know I would.

The genies of real life are a bit different though. It could be your parents, your spouse, siblings or friends. But it’s not limited to them. There are more genies, slightly modified I should say, these days who bring us happiness in various forms. Flipkart being one of them because they help us fulfill not only our wishes but those of our loved ones as well, loved ones who are sometimes miles apart.

Yes, it could be an e-commerce portal used by all but it not only delivers products, it delivers joys as well. There are several ways in which it acts as a messenger of happiness making #EveryWishFulfilled! In fact, why don’t you read a few of mine? So, here’s why I think Flipkart is the genie for me, simple yet very pertinent reasons I should say.

The best thing about Flipkart for me is the fact that I can use as many as 16 gift vouchers at the same time for making a purchase. Did you know that? Well, now you do and tell you what I recently bought a new microwave and a refrigerator, all with the help of vouchers that I earned writing articles. I don’t think there is any other website that offers this feature, for a voucher or two maybe, but for 16 not in the least.

Then there is speedy delivery! Whenever I order anything via Flipkart, I know it for a fact that it will be delivered at the earliest. It just comes naturally to it. So many times I have ordered gifts at the last minute and still somehow seen those being delivered on time.

When my sister was posted in Pune alone, there were times when she didn't know where to purchase a certain item from. Well, it was a new and unknown city for her so at times it was really difficult. Even then I remember using Flipkart to make sure that she had what she needed delivered to her doorstep. Truly a life saver at such times!

Books! How can I mention Flipkart and not talk about books? I think my association with it began when I first started purchasing books through it. Be sure that a book that you can’t find anywhere will most probably be available in there website.

My parents live in Guwahati which is miles away from me. Sometimes when I just wish to gift them something, a book for dad or a kitchen appliance for mom maybe, is it really surprising that I always turn to Flipkart? It always, always helps me pamper my parents even though I’m located miles and miles away.

There are so many gifts that I have received from my husband when he was away at client locations and most of them were ordered via Flipkart. Is there any doubt then that it has not only brought me precious gifts but happiness as well?

From best prices to best quality products, Flipkart brings all of it to our fingertips. But that’s not all, it also helps spread joy and fulfill wishes just like a genie!