A Good Decor #JustAClickAway at Durian

Where's that one place you rather be after a hard day's work? Well, home, isn't it? There's something about home that has fascinated poets and writers from times immemorial. It is a haven, a safe haven. It's our very own world within this big bad world. It's our very own space. Therefore, is it really surprising that the way we decorate it, keep it and adorn it reflects upon us, our state of mind and often helps us relax in this crazy rigmarole of life.

Of all the things essential to setting up your home, buying the right furniture is as crucial as, say, selecting the right house to turn into a home. It might not appear quite as important at first but trust me it actually is. Selecting those perfect pieces for every room is an integral part of setting up your dream home. Why? Well, your home, my friend, is an extension of who you are and you wouldn't want to get it wrong, would you? 

When it comes to furnishing, what you buy and from where you buy makes a lot of difference. And here's where Durian comes in.  An international furniture brand since 1981, it is one of the most well known names in India when it comes to the area of interior decor. 

Source: http://www.durian.in/

From sofas to recliners, beds to chairs, wardrobes to dining tables and more, Durian has everything on offer. But that's not all, it provides other added advantages as well, along with beautiful furniture of-course. Ease of paying for one, either through cash or card on delivery, easy finance through EMI option via Bajaj Finance Ltd and more. Then there is the option of checking out the furniture before ordering it. It has outlets across 29 cities across the country, open on all days of the week. Free delivery, 5 year warranty, free assembly to add to the list as well. But most important of all, 90% of the furniture that you would be buying from Durian would actually have been made in India. Of-course, a percentage of what you pay to Durian also goes towards CSR activities, an icing on the cake I should say.

Now, where were we? Yes, how to buy the right furniture for your home. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind because it is an investment you need to make wisely!

  1. The furniture should be well coordinated with your walls.
  2. Select a space efficient plan. You don't need a cluttered look. The rule of thumb is that every square foot is usable but intelligently. Don't overbuy without thinking about the space.
  3. Less is more but not always. It should not appear empty.
  4. Colors. Now, you need to carefully chose those colors for the rugs, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, even the smallest show-piece on your side table too. If possible, always use warm colors.
  5. Use multipurpose pieces, again intelligently.
  6. Don't mix and match too much. If you go with contemporary, stick to the theme. Don'y mix antique with it.
  7. Don't go over board with anything. You don't want a gaudy look for your home.
  8. Spend judiciously, brand names are not always the right answer.
  9. It's your home, it should be personalised and not appear as a guest house. Again, use furniture which complements your temperament.
  10. And last but not the least, listen to your heart. Pick that sofa or that bed which your heart approves of.
There, these tips should keep you sorted while you move heave & earth to pick the right furniture for your home.

And, if you are looking for some great furniture, remember it's #JustAClickAway at http://www.durian.in/.