10 Rules To Living Better By An Awesome Dad

Sometimes the simplest of things in life become the source of great happiness; happiness unscathed by the banalities of life. Wonderful, isn't it?

So, the three of us, S, my sister and I, watched Piku this weekend. And tell you what, we really loved it. It is such a simple heartwarming movie with an endearing quality to it that all-in-all it was money well spent. A breather from the typical non-sense that Bollywood sometimes calls blockbusters! Of-course, we are partly to blame for that too but then I’m not here to talk about that.

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What I want to talk about though is how a dad prepares his daughter to face the world. If you are lucky enough to have a doting father, you’ll realize how wonderful this rapport is, always equipping you to live better. And then of course you cannot go through a movie like Piku without thinking about your father. It’s a bond that goes beyond any said or written words. I have written about Baba many a times. But today I thought why not share justfew of the things that Baba has ingrained in our hearts and minds, enabling us to live freely and with respect.

So, here it is, just a few of the millions of things he taught us or at least tried his best to.

  1. The key to a happy life is to be independent and that happens when you take education seriously in your formative years.
  2. Whatever be it that you do, as long as you don’t have to depend on anyone for even a dime you are going to be alright in life.
  3. Neither lend nor borrow. And if at all you lend, do it for those who actually need it.
  4. Marriage is not the culmination of everything that a woman is. She is much more than that and she should never sacrifice her wishes, ambitions or happiness no matter what the world says.
  5. Choose your own life partner but make sure he respects who you are.
  6. Never cheat, never ever! Be truthful and you’ll be fine.
  7. If you find 100 rupee note lying on the street, don’t pick it up. Never take someone else’s money.
  8. Keep learning new things throughout life and you'll be more than just a person.
  9. Read for there's nothing more pleasurable than that.
  10. Always know about the world around you and beyond.

Well, these were just some of those things my dad often told us and still does. Fallible as we are, we often forget some of these but you get the gist right? I hope someday though I'll be able to pass these on to my children as well, whenever the time comes that is.

Do you have any gems or words of wisdom that have been passed down to you by your parents? Well, share it here then for I'd love to hear. 

Until next time then!


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