A Relaxing Brunch

“Doing something positive will help turn your mood around. When you smile, your body relaxes. When you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body.” - Simone Elkeles

It makes sense, isn't it? Sometimes you just need to stop and take a breath if not anything else. Life is a movie without intervals and it is up to you to step out, find some time and basically just take a pause. Rest!

After another hectic week, S and I were really hoping for a relaxing weekend this time around. The past few weekends have all been either packed with chores or guests. Now, don't get us wrong we love it when friends and family come visiting but at times we just need to relax, not worry about what to cook for the guests maybe!

But as luck would have it, this Saturday too was a busy one with items that needed to be checked off our to-do list. So, by the time the Sunday sun dawned, we were completely exhausted.

However, S didn't want this weekend too to go by without the two of us doing something for ourselves, to revive our energies. He wanted to go somewhere, try out a new restaurant perhaps but go out of the house at any case. I think this had a little to do with our new cook as well. So, after a careful search of eateries using #MyASUSZenfone, we found ourselves at a wonderful, wonderful place called the Big Brewsky for brunch.

Now, honestly I had never been out for brunch before. Lunch yes, but brunch not really. So, the thought of brunch immediately got my antennas up and running. And since even the talk of eating outside is godsend for me, you can well imagine how happy I was by just being there. Yes, even before the food came into the picture or, well, my plate so to speak.

The Big Brewsky is very close to our home and the ambiance is perfect to spend some time recharging your batteries.Whether it is the music or the seating by the pool, the food or the service, everything elevated our moods instantly. I think S and I spent around 3 to 4 hours there, just siting, sipping on our drinks and talking. While it's good to have friends around when you go out for dinner or anywhere for that matter, sometimes just being with your better half is what is needed. That's just how we felt yesterday.

Yes, yesterday afternoon unfolded perfectly for we came back revitalized. And yes, I even captured the moments with #MyASUSZenfone, to look through later, to just reminisce.