A Different Kind Of Working Day

When life shackles you, almost like a swamping weed, the best option often is to escape from it all, for some time of course. Honestly, these last few weeks have been anything but restful. Office work, health issues coupled with the anxiety of pending writing assignments have only made matters worse.  But then there’s no point panicking, is there? It is important that I focus my mind on something calming to get things moving and focus I will. In fact, focus I did the moment I realized there’s not much to do on the work front today.

Pampering yourself, letting go is so important. But it is only when I’m overloaded with work, unable to look up, that I realize this fact. Well, I’m a habitual offender in this case of neglecting oneself. But it’s true, so very true that you need to distract yourself, do something that makes you happy to get on with life again. Fact is you spend so much time doing what is supposed to be done for the family and at work that the one person who ends up being most ignored often is you, yourself. I don’t remember the last instance I spent some time just indulging myself. Of course, my reluctance to go out of the house on weekends attributes to that a great deal. But you get the picture right?

So, today I decided to spend some time spoiling myself silly. Well, not so much but you get the point. A change of scene from the office cubicle on a working day, the perfect prescription for good mood take it from me. And what better way of doing that than going to a salon? Blissful few hours of having people take care of you, making sure that you are pampered. Who wouldn't want that? At least I know I always would. So, out I went today leaving all my office troubles behind and no I didn't go alone. I took three of my female colleagues and #MyASUSZenFone along. Good company is also an integral part of the process of feeling better, right? And the phone, well, it was to capture a few moments outside this thing called ‘my desk’ where I have to spend 9 hours every day, five days a week, every week!

I’ve always found that a trip to the salon works wonders on my mood, especially when I’m fatigued. The same thing happened today. We were at the salon for about three hours and it was not only rejuvenating but fun as well. Of-course, the heart wasn't satisfied with only that so we spent the next few hours roaming around in our office campus. Now, if there’s one thing that stands out about my work place, it is definitely the beautiful campus. One stroll around it and you will definitely feel recharged, that's how beautiful it is! Of course, we also spent some time at the supermarket at office and eventually ended up buying things we didn't really need. But then that was therapeutic too in it's own way!

Maybe when the next time I'm swamped with work, these tidbits captured with my ASUS Zenfone will work as a reminder of how a few hours outside can change a bad mood to a good one? A moment to talk about #MyAsusZenFone here. There are very few phones which capture my fancy when it comes to camera and the quality of pictures, this phone definitely falls in that category. And, why not? It has an 8MP primary camera, autofocus, led flash, geo tagging and a 2 MP secondary camera as well. A day with the Zenfone, looking at the world through its lenses, truly turned my temper around.

I think the key to feeling better, no matter what the situation, is in our hands and all it takes is will power. And if you do, don’t forget to capture those moments. Make a change even if for an instant and seize those moments in photographs, look back and think how easy it was to feel good after all. Remember if I could do it, so can you.

“Doing something positive will help turn your mood around. When you smile, your body relaxes. When you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body.” ― Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Note: All pictures taken by #MyASUSZenFone