Uncomplicated Happiness

It may sound cliched but the most important thing in life is to be happy in anything and everything you do. It is desired by all; by you, I and even that annoyingly strict uncle next door. Think about it, your choices or your decisions, everything comes down to whether or not they make you happy.

Did you know that 20th March is celebrated as International Day of Happiness? Well, I had no idea about it until yesterday actually. It's a wonderful initiative I feel. A day dedicated to celebrating the need to to be happy, to really be happy. 

“Happiness is not a goal...it's a by-product of a life well lived.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Being happy is no rocket science. If anything it is, perhaps, the easiest of the countless pursuits in life. All you need to do is close your eyes and look deep within. And then just go for it, easy or hard doesn't really matter, more so because happiness also, very much, lies in the process. 

Ask yourself what is it that really makes you happy. You'll probably be surprised at the answers you get. Though happiness mostly resides in the simplest of things, there are also those extremely difficult goals, beyond mind boggling obstacles, that hold the key to it. But being happy can also be about picking up breadcrumbs along your journey. And hence not something that you can only achieve after an extensive wait.

Yes, there are no guarantees that life will always be one huge wave of happiness. There'll be slumps in between, some deeper than the other, but even in those moments you'll be pulled ashore by the thoughts of those which bring joy to your life.

Now, I'm often confused about what makes me happy. Some days I feel it's indeed very easy for me to smile, to be joyful, to find the elusive happiness. On other days though I feel that I first need to cross several hurdles to reach a point where I can truly be happy. For most things the key to my happiness rests solely with me while I must admit that a huge part of it also lies with my near and dear ones. It's inevitable really, we are after all the creatures of the heart. But the onus on whom, or what, I entrust my happiness with depends entirely on me.

So, where was I? Yes, what really makes me happy? Well, why don't I make a list? It has anyways been a long time since I jotted down something like that. Yes? Well, here I go then. 

Like you and everyone else in the world my happiness lies in my family. Hence, I'm happy when, 

...S is healthy, happy and not troubled by anything.

...My sister is safe, sound and happy.

...My parents are healthy and happy.

Obstacles or hurdles, as necessary in life, I prefer if can always be overcome or perhaps even avoided if possible. Hence, I'm also more or less happy when, 

...There are no complications at work.

...There is ample time for me to blog, write and read.

...Things are under my control, more or less,

I am a bit weird in many ways. Ask S and my sister and they'll tell you it's true. Let's just say I'm a mix of Monica of FRIENDS fame and Sheldon of 'The Big Bang Theory'. So don't be surprised when I say that I also feel relaxed when one of such things happen.

...When no one walks into my house wearing a muddy shoe.

...When shoes are placed in the shoe cabinet and not displayed as some artwork.

...When the fridge is only defrosted when I want to. I know I'm crazy!

...When my kitchen is in a spick and span condition

...When on Saturdays I can do my weekly dusting.

...When nobody spills anything on my rug. I know I'm a control freak!

...When I get cakes on my birthdays but nobody rubs the cream on my face.

...When I'm able to do everything for everyone, make everyone I care for happy. Don't tell me, I know it's an impossible task but that somehow doesn't seem to stop me.

...When I'm able to solve a problem for all those I love.

...When my tonsils are not troubling me. This one is very fresh on my mind actually.

I could go on and on. Oh there are so many things and the list perhaps doesn't cover even half of those. And I'm sure it's the same for you too. Maybe I'll come up with a sequel to the things that make me happy but for now why don't you share your list with me? 

Tell me my dear friend what makes you happy?